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& Cognitoy
Cognitoy is the company that brought us MindRover. Their site used to have disccusion boards, addons, contests, and information on purchasing both their game and their latest addon: the RCX interface kit. Last I checked, it contained a short FAQ with a lot a dead links. The site is in FTP mode with two MindRover related downloads.
Buy MindRover Since it is unlikely you'll find MindRover locally and Cognitoy doesn't seem to be selling it either, you'll need to search elsewhere to buy it. This is a link to a page, but you could also search other sites.
BattlePak (download) This is a collection of user created add-on components that you can use while creating rovers for the competitions on BattleSpot. Even if you don't want to use the components, you may wish to download the BattlePak so you can test your rovers against downloaded rovers that do use the extra components. Installing and Uninstalling is as easy as copying or deleting one file (BattlePak.pak).

Click here for more information on the BattlePak.

Updated Jan.03.04 - Updated ImperialBattery with 1.4 reload time. Updated CheapRadar model.

Updated Nov.11.03 - Fixed result text output in RiverRace scenario.

Updated Sep.29.03 - Added Imperial Battery.

BattleSkins (download pak 1) (download pak 2) These are pak files with various user created skins. Pak 1 also contains the built-in skins for the VehicleSkin component (so that plus the BattlePak gives you the full VehicleSkin component found on SteveT's site). Many of the skins are from rovers found in various BattleSpot contests, but the pak files also include skins from other contests (such as the ones at jupiter orbit) and I will even accept skins that aren't used in any contest. The purpose is to make it easier to install the skins, which in turn make playing MindRover more enjoyable!

You should expect that the BattleSkins will be updated fairly frequently. To reduce the time spent downloading, there are two BattleSkins files. The first is large, but should remain fairly stable. The second, smaller file, will be updated whenever a new skins is added. When the second file grows large, its contents will be added to the first BattleSkins file and the second will start from scratch again.

BattleSkins2 has all the new skins added after August 22, 2003 (see below for last updated information). If you don't have any BattleSkins, you should download BOTH files. If you have an out of date pak 1 (pre-August 22, 2003), you should download pak 1 again (and pak 2 of course).

As usual, install by unzipping the BattleSkins.pak and BattleSkins2.pak files and placing them in the c:\games\mindrover\modules directory (adjust the path for your operating system if necessary).

Last updated:
Nov.28.05 - Added skins: arenaSimple and RiverFish

BattleTest (download) The BattleTest pak file contains experimental add-ons that aren't yet allowed in the contests (unless the contest specifically states otherwise). For more information on these components, visit the MindRover forums at

Feb.19.04 - Added ChaserHarpoon by BurnPanck.
Aug.22.03 - Added StrongShieldPlus and WeakShieldPlus, modifications of the Shields made battleTanker that make it it easier to use multiple shields on a single rover.
Jan.07.03 - Added DangerousDuos.pak (it has enough 'stuff' that I decided not to blend it with the other BattleTest items, but it all comes in one zip file). Big thanks to callmeminyme!
May.08.02 - Moved HealthPack to BattlePak. Added Shields created by Roswell_Nightlife.
Dec.04.01 - Added Cannon_Beta.
LowSmoke (download) This is here by request. Created by Cognitoy, this reduces the amount of smoke generated by damaged rovers. In theory these changes were rolled into the v1.08 update, but some players seem to disagree. Use this pak file at your own risk.

The following are sites that either have downloads for MindRover or ran contests once upon a time. The contest sites may still allow you to download the rovers that were submitted. I do not believe any of them are updating at this point.
Frozen Europa Black Eagle's site. Has a new weapon (Shotgun) and contests (Rocket Duos).
(cached copy)
New Europa Workshop (NEW), has contests, tutorials, and other helpful information. A great fan site for MindRover help and rover downloads. Originally created by Steve Wright (Sprocket), then maintained by Robert Hooper (badger), it is now dead. Lots of old rovers to download.
Feb.20.2003 - The host for NEW seems to have shutoff the site. You can still check out the old content following my cache link.
Cool Fantasy MindRover contests hosted by luke_worth. To start things off it has Word War I, Sumo Hover, Drag Race, and Hallway Racing contests.
MUV MindRover User Vehicles (MUV) was the first MindRover fan site. It was a place for players to share their rovers with other players. No longer being maintained, but still has some *VERY* old rovers your can download (you'll definitely need to convert these to a newer version to use them :)
Gozer's RBL MindRover stories written by Gozer and MindRover contests. Home of the Rover Builders League.
Mindrover Madness Download rovers for various scenarios.

The next set of sites are not directly related to MindRover. However, they are things I find interesting that I feel fans of MindRover may also be interested in.
PakScape Seems like a decent .pak editor. Useful if you want to create you own components.
TruSpace 3.2 TruSpace 3.2 is a really old version of TruSpace, but it is the version you need to edit MindRover resources (new versions won't work). As a bonus, because it is so old, it is now available free!

All the 3D models (rovers, rooms, and physical components) in MindRover are saved in trueSpace3 .cob format.

TopCoder If you are into programming, TopCoder has weekly contests where programmers from all over the world compete. Contests are free to enter, and last about 2 hours.

As of July 2002, TopCoder is no longer providing prizes for the weekly contests, but there will still be occasional tournaments and your standing in the weekly contests will affect your eligibility. TopCoder's main strategy is to collect information about programming skill and find top programmers to work on their components. They pay for the development work and if they are successful in reselling the components, you can earn commisions too.

RoboForge RoboForge is robot building and programming game of gladitorial combat. Although I would say RoboForge fits into the same genre as MindRover, playing RoboForge feels quite different. In RoboForge, design is king, and programming is its humble servant. RoboForge allows an incredible amount of freedom in how you build your robot. You select from hundreds of parts and link them together. Some parts are powered and can provide movement (like slashing a weapon). The object is to get your hardened parts (referred to as weapons) to bang into the opponent's soft parts (especially the special parts, like controllers or energy sources). You will need to program your robot, since, like MindRover, you don't directly control the robot during the fight. But the programming is very easy since you have access to commands like 'turn toward opponent'. I have even seen some effective robots that have only couple commands (think jousting, turn toward opponent and CHARGE!)
COLOBOT COLOBOT combines a moderate paced action game with a bit of puzzle and a bit of programming. Most of the time playing will be spent controlling either your astronaught or the various vehicles you can research and build. The game is separated into missions and each mission has a goal. In theory you could achieve the goals simply by taking control of each robot as necessary and doing what needs to be done. However, much of what needs to be done is somewhat tedious, so a few simple programs will help speed things up. Programs may consist of something as simple as returning to a known location, or finding a type of object and picking it up, or refuling the fuel cell. You can also make them much more complicated, like hunt down and kill all the ants, refueling and repairing as necessary.

images are actual screenshots of the game (cropped and reduced)

Robocode This is a robot programming game, very much along the lines of Robot War from yester-year. Robocode allows you to program your robot using java code and fight vs dozens of other robots. Unlink MindRover, all Robocode robots are the same. Each robot has a base, a gun turret, and a radar (though a new team feature has added a second robot type with more energy but no radar). Firing costs energy, but a successful hit will earn it back (and of course, harm the target).

Robocode is free to download and play (sponsored by IBM, apparently as a research project...)

Note: To be successful, you will definitely need some Java programming knowledge. But, if you don't currently have any, I can't think of a better way to learn!

Robot Battle A robot programming game inspired by the Apple II RobotWar. You program your robots using an easy to learn programming language. All robots in Robot Battle have the same configuration (body/treads, gun/turret, radar). Obective is to get all opponents to run out of energy before you do. Energy is lost to damage, collisions, and firing. Arenas can be large, but are alway rectangular. 100's of robots can compete in a match. Supports team battles. Has minimal system requirements (perfect for that laptop!)
Robot Quarry Battle DavidW used to host a Robot Quarry Battle Competition. Last I checked it has information on some robot programming games.

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