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To enter a rover in Tactical War , send your rover, along with your name and your rover's name, to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com

It's an all out battle, but you only get one weapon. Use speed and sensors to track the enemy and do maximum damage while avoiding your enemy's attacks. I really doubt SNS rovers will stand much of a chance here, but feel free to prove me wrong... :)

Battles use the Word War I scenario, but you need to win by 3 points instead of the normal first to 3 points to win. Additionally, the battle will be called if neither rover manages to deal damage or move significantly for one minute, or if no damage has been done for five minutes. The BattlePak contains a custom scenario that uses these rules (Total War).

Each rover will play each of the other rovers twice, once as team 1 and once as team 2. The random seed will be preset to the same value for all matches so all rovers will get equal starting conditions and matches can be replayed. If there is ever an indication that a rover has somehow managed to take advantage of the current seed, a new seed will be picked for future battles (old battles may also be re-run as time permits).

The rovers are ranked based on their total number of wins (more wins = better rank). If two rovers have an equal number of wins, I then compare the number of ties (more ties = better rank). Finally if both wins and ties are equal, I compare the number of wins each rover got vs just the rovers that have a better rank. If still equal, I then check the wins received vs each other. If still equal, I compare ties vs better rovers (and then ties vs each other). And if still equal, I just pick the rover that suits my fancy to get the higher rank (which most likely will be the rover that has been there longer).

Each contestant may have up to three rovers competing at one time.

old news

Jul.17.01 - Rollin's GGP clobbers the competition and takes the lead with a record of 34-1-1! Mar.02.01 - Silverfish_Mk9T is done (ended up at 12th).

Feb.27.01 - Silverfish_Mk9T is about half done, currently on target for a 9th-12th ranking.

Feb.26.01 - BigT retired Scooter_shooter and Not Much But Mine. Also a few more results are in Silverfish_Mk9T.

Feb.21.01 - Hellraiser Mk2 is done and Hellraiser has been retired. Although Mk2 did better, it wasn't enough to actually gain a rank. SaneBomber is about half done and I'd estimate it will end up between rank 8 and 11.

Feb.19.01 - If you downloaded Hellraiser Mk2 prior to now, you'll want to re-download it as it had a wiring typo...

Feb.15.01 - DarkSlinger is done and the first few results are in for Hellraiser Mk2.

Feb.14.01 - Corvos enters a new rover, Silverfish_Mk9T and retires Scoot n Shoot, Mister Hyde, and Scooter Shooter Shooter. Also, Hellraiser is on my to-be-retired list, I'm just waiting for Hellraiser Mk2 to start getting some results in first...

Feb.13.01 - Partial results in for DarkSlinger and Enigmatic wombat retakes first place!

Feb.11.01 - Added DarkSlinger, Hellraiser Mk2, and SaneBomber.

Jan.23.01 - Croaker LNE is retired and Jason's latest WombatKiller shows that slow-n-steady (or maybe slow-n-toasty) really can win the race! A big congrats to Jason for all the effort he's put in to work his way up to first.

Jan.16.01 - Two new rovers: WombatKiller (v3) and The Plopper. WombatKiller (v3) is a tweaked version of WombatKiller, but it was alot of tweaking and Jason's rover moves all the way up to 5th! And ThePlopper does nearly as well, starting off at 8th, right behind another mine layer, Rabbit Droppings.

Jan.08.01 - More updates and a tweaked version of WombatKiller: Not much change, but Croaker_LNE and WombatKiller do both manage to get another point. Also, Mister_Hyde and Dodge Sniper each gain one rank...

Jan.04.01 - More updates: Both Scoot_n_shoot and WombatKiller gained points in this update and there are now 5 rovers tied at 15 points. Scoot_n_shoot leads the pack, having the least losses, and moves up 3 places to 9th. WombatKiller also gets to advance 1 place to 12th...

Jan.02.01 - More updates: Terrorist moves up to first! Croaker LNE move up three places to 9th and Scooter Shooter Shooter moves up one place to 15th.

Dec.29.00 - Updated some more of the 10 minute matches, mostly related to PythonTac and Hellraiser. The only position change was WombatKiller turned a tie into a win and moved up one rank to 13th.

Dec.27.00 - Updated some of the 10 minute results with 30 minute matches. Both Enigmatic Wombat and Terrorist turn a tie into a win, leaving them in the same relative postition, but widening their leads vs the rest of the competition. I still have many more matches to re-run though...

Dec.26.00 - Added Terrorist, PythonTac, and Hellraiser which ranked second, third, and fourth respectively. The Enigmatic wombat continues to hold onto first, but just by the smallest of margins.

Dec.21.00 - Added Mister_Hyde to the ranks, which causes Rabbit Droppings to move up one rank to third.

Dec.18.00 - Added Scooter_Shooter_Shooter to the ranks. Apparently it's bit too specialized to rank well, although perhaps it will do better once it gets a full 30 minutes.

Dec.17.00 - Scooter_Shooter starts in the mid ranks. The 10 minute time limit looks like it may increase the difficulty of getting a high ranking due to the number of ties. So hopefully I can get caught up and re-run the tied matches with a 30 minute limit.

Dec.09.00 - WombatKiller lives up to its name by giving Enigmatic wombat a coupleof losses. However, against faster opponents it had more trouble so it enters the rankings at a respectable sixth place.

Dec.04.00 - Scoot_n_Shoot is done running and enters at 5th place.

Nov.30.00 - Watch out for the Wombat!! Enigmatic Wombat starts off with an undefeated record. Its only blemish is a 0-0 tie with Dodge Sniper. Dodge Sniper hides behind the bookcases to heal and the poor Wombat just doesn't know how to get around them...

Nov.05.00 - Results for Wildfire's RunNGun are in and I must say WOW!! Great job Wildfire!

Oct.26.00 - Added results for Rabit Droppings and Azuth sweeps the top three positions! What's more, Rabit Droppings is the highest ranking mine layer we've ever had in any contest!

Added results for Small Scorch.

Updated for Silverfish T. Corvos retired his original Silverfish along with Blast Ended Skrewt Mk6 and Minenteufel. No change in the top two, but Silverfish T comes realy close and Azuths hold on the lead is somewhat dimished...

It took a really long time, but I finally have the results for Silverfish. And although it enters the rankings at #6, we have a close race for 3rd place and Silverfish is in the running. Of course, Azuth continues to hold a tight grip on 1st and 2nd...

All old rovers have now been re-run for 1.06 (of course, I've got both a new scenario and a new version, I'm ignoring the version change, but I still plan on re-running them with the winBy5 scenario and 30 minute timelimit... enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com