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Feb 8, 2004 Malakia enters Healthy_Reaper_v2b which ranks in at 7th.

Jan 9, 2004 Updated for the ImperialBattery change. Not much movement here, the top three are still ECI_TacticalHyperCircler_v2, PrimeEvil, and Tactical_Error. PrimeEvil and Tactical_Error both lost a few wins, but not enough to change the rankings. OrbitalSniper actually picked up a few wins and moved up 1 place to 4th, pushing past Tactical_Shark. The final IB rover is AssaultWithBatteryMk2 which also picked up 1 win and moved up 1 rank (past RunNGun) to 21st.

Nov 21, 2003 Emilio upgrades to ECI_TacticalHyperCircler_v2 and Demolisher and Outcast enter OrbitalSniper. ECI_TacticalHyperCircler_v2 ranks in at 1st and OrbitalSniper ranks in at 5th.

Oct 20, 2003 Maverick enters Tactical_Error which takes on all but PrimeEvil and ranks in at 1st.

Oct 9, 2003 Liebig enters Tactical Shark, a non IB rover intended to show that IB rovers (ie PrimeEvil) are beatable in Tactical War. Tactical Shark does quite well, beating all 3 of the previously top 3 rovers, but has some trouble with a few of the lower ranked rovers, and ends up with 3rd overall.
-- BattleSkins2 has been updated.

Sep 30, 2003 Sky enters AssultWithBatteryMK2, another Imperial Battery equipped rover. In an effort to show that there is more to PrimeEvil than just a fancy gun, AssultWithBatteryMK2 ranks in at 19th.

The general consensus seems to be that the IB shouldn't be allowed in Tactical War. My current plan is to give it a month where you can still enter IB rovers into Tactical War and/or make comments. At that point I'll re-evaluate and if the IB still seems too strong, I'll drop all IB rovers from Tactical War and give Emilio his perfect record back. :)

Sep 29, 2003 Corvos enters PrimeEvil, an Imperial Battery equipped rover that does a very nice job of circling the outside of the bookcases while laying down fire on its opponent. PrimeEvil ends up in a tie for 1st with ECI_TacticalHyperCircler.
-- BattleSkins2 has been updated.

Jun 11, 2003 Mountain Boarder enters Cannon which ranks in at 28th.

Mar 24, 2003 Emilio enters ECI_TacticalHyperCircler and sweeps the competition, earning 1st with a 9 point lead over 2nd place UniTact. Emilio retires EC_TacticalDeath and ECI_TacticalLaser.

Jan 5, 2003 BigT enters ET_TW1, an AutoCannon equipped UFO, which beats out Corvos' Tactical Toad for 9th place by scoring 19 draws!! (compared to Tactical Toad's mere 6 draws... both rovers had 38 wins)

Oct 18, 2002 Sky enters sky_sniper_MK1 which ranks in at 12th.

Sep 9, 2002 ViceMan upgrades to Guardian_Alpha (from NoworNever), pulls in 7 more wins, and moves up 1 place to 30th.

Aug 12, 2002 A new player, ViceMan, enters NoworNever, which ranks in at 31st.

Jul 30, 2002 Corvos enters Tactical_Toad which ranks in at 10th.

Jun 12, 2002 Corvos enters Gunrunner which ranks in at 12th, retiring Silverfish_Mk10T, which was at 14th.

Jun 8, 2002 Emilio enters ECI_TacticalLaser which ranks in at 4th.

May 22, 2002 Tactical War is up to date again! EC_TacticalDeath takes the #1 spot, followed by the former champion UniTact, and then FlyBy. GGP_model_1 moved up one rank to 4th, while the former 2nd place TacticalTracker falls to 5th. You can do your own comparisons by viewing the old results.

May 20, 2002 More results posted, down to just 130 battles to go. Not much in the way of changes though. GGP_model_1 finds itself in a tight race for 4th with TacticalTracker, but no matter which way it goes, in the end the top 5 rovers from before the change will continue to be the top 5 after the change (a somewhat different order though). If you'd like to see the pre-HealthPack change results, go to previous Tactical War results.

May 16, 2002 More regenerated results have been posted, still about 350 to go though... For what it's worth, the current leader is Emilio's EC_TacticalDeath, a WheelM. It previously held 3rd place, but already it is clear that it has passed up the former 1st and 2nd place rovers (UniTact and TacticalTracker), and being a WheelM, EC_TacticalDeath is not negatively affected by the HealthPack change. If you'd like to see the pre-HealthPack change results, go to previous Tactical War results.

May 16, 2002 I've posted the results so far in regenerating the battles with the modified health pack. If you'd like to see the results prior to the change, go to previous Tactical War results.

Jan 24, 2002 DavidW enters UniTact, a UFO rover that is similar to TacticalTracker. One significant change though is switching the Waypoint Sensor with a sonar, giving UniTact the ability to avoid shooting the bookcases. And the changes really pay off, with UniTact ranking in at #1!

DavidW also retires LaserStation and Demolisher and Outcast retire Hellraiser Mk2.

Jan 16, 2002 FlyBy ranks in at 3rd.

Jan 15, 2002 Demolisher and Outcast enter FlyBy, a UFO that uses a lot of manuvering to hunt its prey. Currently it's on track for a 3rd place start...

Jan 13, 2002 SentinelMk2 ranks in at 6th.

Jan 11, 2002 Demolisher and Outcast upgrade to SentinelMk2 and additionally retire MiniSentinel. It's much too early to really know, but it does look likely that SentinelMk2 will improve on its predecessors 7th place.

Jan 9, 2002 Silverfish_Mk10T ranks in at 18th.

Jan 7, 2002 DavidW enters Six Pack which starts off in 10th. I also want to re-emphasize that the BattlePak has been updated with the XYReporter (used by Six Pack).

Corvos upgrades to Silverfish_Mk10T, but results aren't in yet (well, just a few maybe...)

Jan 5, 2002 DavidW enters LaserStation which uses the BattleLaser's 360 degree rotation to zap opponents instead of having any motion of it's own. It's biggest problem is when an opponent pushes it behind an obstacle. However, it frequently winning by then, so perhaps it isn't such a problem... In any case, LaserStation starts off in 4th.

Dec 16, 2001 Hellnick updates to ParaBellum3 and manages to regain 4th.

Dec 12, 2001 Hellnick updates to ParaBellum2, which unfortunately slips back one place to fifth (two wins were converted to ties).

Dec 10, 2001 I [Sord] enter CoverFire, which manages to take out TacticalTracker and the other stationary rovers, but it can't handle the fast circlers, and ends up at 7th.

Hellnick updates to DestructoVLT_TAC4, which sports a better record, but doesn't quite make it past Hellraiser_MK2.

Dec 7, 2001 Hellnick enters ParaBellum1 and ranks in at 4th. ParaBellum is interesting in that, unlike most other UFOs that just sit-n-spin, Hellnick attempts to orbit the target, plus the lights are cool! Hellnick also retired Lurch.

Dec 4, 2001 Emilio enters EC_TacticalDeath and shoots straight to 2nd, being thwarted from 1st by Russell's TacticalTracker.

Dec 2, 2001 Hellnick enters Lurch which ranks in at 8th.

Nov 28, 2001 Hellnick upgrades to DestructoVLT TAC3 and moves up to 8th.

Nov 25, 2001 Hellnick enters DestructoVLT TAC2 and ranks in at 10th.

Nov 18, 2001 TacticalTracker ranks in at 1st with a 42-2-0 record.

Nov 16, 2001 Rusell upgrades to TacticalTracker (from TacticalDeath) and is well on his way to retaking the lead.

Nov 9, 2001 D&O enters MiniSentinel which ranks in at 14th. D&O also retires CowardBoy. The change in lineup allows Rollin's GGP model 1 to retake the lead from Russell's UFO, TacticalDeath.

Sep 23, 2001 TacticalDeath ranks in at 1st with a record of 40-1-3.

Sep 23, 2001 New entry from Russell - TacticalDeath (no results yet).

Aug 26, 2001 Marauder finishes in 19th.

Aug 23, 2001 Marauder is mostly done, looks like it will finish around the mid to upper teens.

Aug 22, 2001 Spaceman Spiff enters Marauder (no results yet, but it is next up).

Aug 17, 2001 Sentinel enters with a 5th place ranking.

Aug 16, 2001 Sentinel continues to climb and currently looks like it will end up with D&O's other rovers at around rank 5-7.

Aug 15, 2001 D&O retires StrongMan and enters Sentinel. It's really too early to tell how it will do, but I'd hazard a guess that it will place in the top 10.

Aug 12, 2001 CowardBoy finishes in 5th place.

Aug 10, 2001 CowardBoy is climbing well. Already up to 6th, it even has a decent shot at 4th or 5th.

Aug 8, 2001 CowardBoy is half done and it looks like it will finish in at least 6th.

Aug 7, 2001 Minor update to Tactical War. StrongMan is complete (ranked 9th) and CowardBoy starts off with win! However, because of user error, not much got run last night... :(

Aug 6, 2001 Two entries from Demolisher & Outcast in Tactical War. StrongMan is almost ranked and it looks like and 8th or 9th place finish.

Jul 17, 2001 GGP model 1 easily takes first in Tactical War with an impressive record of 34-1-1.

Jul 16, 2001 Rollin enters GGP model 1 into Tactical War. It's well on it's way to becoming #1 (look for it erroneously ranked at #17, must be a bug :)

Mar 2, 2001 Tactical War has been updated and all Tactical War rovers have been run!

Feb 21, 2001 updated.

Feb 19, 2001 updated.

Feb 15, 2001 updated.

Feb 14, 2001 - A new rover added to Tactical War and a bunch of rovers retired.

Feb 13, 2001 A significant update

Feb 11, 2001 updated.

Jan 23, 2001 A new champion in Tactical War. After many attempts, Jason hits the right balance and WombatKiller (v3b) comes out on top.

Jan 16, 2001 Two new rovers in Tactical War, WombatKiller (v3) and ThePlopper. WombatKiller (v3) is a tweaked version of WombatKiller, but it was alot of tweaking and Jason's rover moves all the way up to 5th! And ThePlopper does nearly as well, starting off at 8th, right behind another mine layer, Rabbit Droppings.

Also, after all the dust settled, Enigmatic wombat makes a triumphant return to 1st place!

Jan 8, 2001 More updates in Tactical War, including a slightly tweaked version of WombatKiller.

Jan 4, 2001 Added some more updates in Tactical War. No major changes, but we now have 5 rovers with 15 wins! Fortunately for me, they are still easily ranked by losses. Also, the Enigmatic Wombat scored another win and is now tied with the Terrorist for the lead. Terrorist wins the tiebreaker though, having bested the Wombat 2-0 in their matches against each other.

Jan 2, 2001 Happy New Year!

Azuth reclaims first in Team Battle
And while he's at it, the lastest rounds of updates in Tactical War have moved Azuth's Terrorist into 1st there too.

Dec 29, 2000 In Tactical War, I've added more 30 minute match updates.

Dec 26, 2000 In Tactical War, results are in for Terrorist, PythonTac, and Hellraiser. All three did really well, collectively taking over the second, third, and fourth spots. The Wombat is still in first, but only by a single tie (vs a loss).

Dec 18, 2000 And in other news, results are in for Scooter_shooter_shooter in Tactical War.

Dec 17, 2000 Also, results for Python800 in Total War and Scooter Shooter in Tactical War.

Dec 9, 2000 Results are in for WombatKiller in Tactical War.

Dec 6, 2000 And another new entry in TacticalWar.

Dec 5, 2000 Also a new entry in Tactical War.

Dec 4, 2000 New results in Tactical War, also a couple new entries.

Nov 30, 2000 Enigma sets a new standard in Tactical War with the Enigmatic Wombat by managing 0 losses and only 1 tie!

Nov 28, 2000 Poor Corvos, his rover in Tactical War hasn't even gotten to run yet and already BigT has entered a Scooter_Shooter...
And I'm still grinding away at getting battles run. I'm nearly done with Enigma's rover, so it should be posted tomorrow.

Nov 27, 2000 And an update on the other contest entries, I'm about halfway through running Enigma's entry in Tactical War. After that I'll run Manticore's Total War entry, and then Corvos in Tactical War. The Arena Battle entry didn't load properly using my scripts, so I'll have to figure out what happened with that tonight... enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com