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Nov 6, 2007 New random seed and all battles regenerated. Two new entries: Health of a laser (AlexanderK) and My name stitch (Mac Dude). The new seed was selected such that the rovers would start in neighboring hallways, but out of direct line of sight. This appears to have the desired effect of greatly reducing the number of draws. Moonshot V5 moves in to first (overtaking Maverick's other rover, moonraker). DavidW's rover DM1 also gets a nice boost, climbing from 10th to 4th (sliding DavidW's other rover Death Star back to 5th). The new rovers rank in at 20th for Health of a laser and 24th for My name stitch.

Dec 10, 2003 SteveT enters SteveT_HC_XXIII which ranks in at 3rd.

Oct 10, 2003 Maverick enters moonraker, which ranks in at 1st, pushing out Mavericks previous 1st place rover, Moonshot_V5.

Sep 24, 2003 JAW enters SilentWompusV1 which ranks in at 12th.

Aug 5, 2003 battleTanker upgrades to Hallway_Hunter_v3 and moves up 1 place to 13th.

Jun 18, 2003 battleTanker enters Hallway_Hunter which ranks in at 14th.

May 7, 2003 Maverick upgrades to Moonshot_V5 which trades in a health pack for better navigation. The trade works and Moonshot_V5 pulls in 5 more wins and takes 1st. Great Job!

Apr 14, 2003 Maverick upgrades to Moonshot_Max which cuts it's losses from 4 to just 1, but ends up with more draws (from 10 to 14) and nets 1 less win, causing it to slip back to 3rd.

Apr 2, 2003 Maverick upgrades to Moonshot_II and climbs to 2nd!

Mar 28, 2003 Maverick upgrades to Moonshot which remains in 8th.

Mar 25, 2003 Liebig enters LHH_Zebra which ranks in at 13th.

Mar 24, 2003 Maverick enters Moon_shot which earns 8th. BattleSkins2 has been updated.

Mar 20, 2003 Corvos upgrades to Blue_Light_Special_Mk3. Although it did pick up 1 win overall, it came at the cost of earning 2 wins againt his other rover Assassin_Major_Mk2 which got knocked back to 3rd. Blue_Light_Special_Mk3 also picked up a win against SurfaceToSurfaceMachine, but also lost two wins (one each to ECI_CreepingThunderIV and Hall_Ultimate_SnS) giving it a net of one additional win.

Mar 13, 2003 SteveT upgrades to SteveT_HC_XVII and SteveT_HH_XLIII. SteveT_HC_XVII manages to find an another win and moves past Death Star to gain 2nd. SteveT_HH_XLIII actually ends with one win less, but remains at 12th.

Feb 26, 2003 SteveT enters SteveT_HC_V which squeezes out FearMK1 for 3rd and allows Assassin Major Mk2 to pull into 1st! Oddly enough, SteveT's new rover uses the new BinaryChaser component created by DavidW, the owner of the former #1 ranked Death Star... though I'm sure DavidW has used one or two of SteveT's components along the way. :-)

Feb 3, 2003 callmeminyme enters FearMK1, a UFO with a combination MG and Rocket attack. FearMK1 ranks in at 3rd, hot on the heels of Assassin Major Mk2...

Jan 19, 2003 Corvos upgrades to Assassin Major Mk2 and Blue Light Special Mk2. Assassin Major Mk2 is just a skinned version of Assassin Major, but Blue Light Special has had its logic upgraded. Assassin Major Mk2 ends up in 2nd, while Blue Light Special Mk2 is in 7th.

Jan 13, 2003 SteveT enters SteveT_HB_XII, a large tread with a *very* cool skin. SteveT_HB_XII ranks in at 10th, just above SteveT_HH_XLII.

The BattleSkins.pak has been updated with SteveT's new skin.

Jan 12, 2003 DavidW enters DM1 which ranks in at 4th.

Jan 7, 2003 BigT enters ET_HH which does quite well, ranking in at 6th and putting a lot of hurt on many of the top ranked rovers.

Jan 3, 2003 callmeminyme enters SurfaceToSurfaceMachine, a hallway troll with 5 rocket launchers. While it didn't loose many matches, it does suffer the same fate as many other trolls by pulling too many 0-0 draws (it tops the current list with a total of 13 draws). Still, SurfaceToSurfaceMachine ranks in at a respectable 7th.

Sep 9, 2002 Shadow master upgrades to Shifty Block which adds a touch more mobility, but due to random interactions ends up causing a negative shift by converting one win into a tie. :( However, that wasn't enough to change the ranking, so Shifty Block remains at a very respectable 4th.

Sep 5, 2002 Corvos upgrades from Assassin Minor to Assassin Major and moves from 8th to 2nd!

Aug 29, 2002 Shadow Master enters Sx8 RoadBlock which ranks in at 4th.

Jun 11, 2002 Corvos enters Assassin_Minor, a small wheeled with a big gun. Assassin_Minor ranks in at 7th. Corvos also retires Rocket Troll (which was at 7th).

May 9, 2002 Results have been regenerated using the modified HealthPack. There wasn't much movement overall though. Death_Star is still undefeated and retains first (face it, it's just good). Tickle_Me_Emilio also retains second, although with a couple less wins overall. Blue_Light_Special manages to fare well, picking up a couple wins and moving up to neck-n-neck with Tickle_Me_Emilio on wins and ends up in third due to fewer ties. The remainder of the rovers had very few changes in number of wins, just a point up or down.

A new player, Caleb, enters Battle_Blaster, which ranks in at 11th.

Apr 21, 2002 Spaceman Spiff enters Hall_Ultimate_SnS which ranks in at 7th.

Mar 7, 2002 Corvos enters Blue Light Special (replacing BLT) and climbs a rank, creeping past ECI_CreepingThunderIV, to 3rd.

Mar 5, 2002 DavidW enters Death_Star and sends the rebels back to their caves. With a 20-0-0 record, Death_Star has a very solid 1st place.

Feb 19, 2002 Corvos enters BLT and retires Blue Light Beta. BLT ranks in at 3rd.

Jan 31, 2002 Corvos enters Blue_Light_Beta which ranks in at 8th. Corvos also retires Bushwhacker Mk4 and Backfire Mk7.

Dec 16, 2001 SurlyBen updates to Short Fuse, which has a slightly better record, but not enough to gain a position.

Nov 24, 2001 SteveT updates to SteveT_HH_XLII and manages to move up one place to 3rd. SurlyBen also enters a new rover, Fuse, which has a very deadly mine attack, but too often is its own victim, and ranks in at 9th.

Nov 1, 2001 Russell enters a UFO (Tickle Me Emilio) and although it can't get at the trolls, it did manage to defeat everyone else. And since one of the trolls was Russell's, he retired it (SurlyTroll) and comes out on top!

Oct 30, 2001 Corvos upgrades to Backfire Mk7, moving it from 10th to 8th.

Oct 26, 2001 Emilio upgrades to ECI_CreepingThunderIV, roots out the trolls, and hunts down the lost sheep. With an 18-0-0 record, it is a well deserved 1st place! Also, as a side note, I re-ran Smoke Stacks with the 200 health change (which appears to have had minimal effect...)

Oct 10, 2001 SteveT upgrades to SteveT_HH_XXIX and moves from 9th to 4th.

Sep 14, 2001 Russell replaces TrollKing with SurlyTroll and secures the lead.

Sep 11, 2001 Two new rovers in Hallway Hunt. Russell's TrollKing pushes Rocket Troll out of 2nd by out trolling it. SteveT enters a small fast rover that could use a bit more health...

Sep 4, 2001 Foreman enters Ytz_StupidMinelayer which, as expected, lays mines and would probably be a contender if it wasn't so stupid. Right now it seems to have a major problem with spinning in circles while dropping mines (which eventually kills itself). However, even with this sigificant handicap, it still managed 4 wins, including one vs the #1 ranked CreepingThunder. Watch out for a smarter mine layer, coming soon...

Sep 1, 2001 Emilio updates CreepingThunder and is able to take out the Troll! Giving ECI_CreepingThunder_v2 a perfect 12-0-0 record and the #1 spot.

Aug 31, 2001 NeBan makes a minor upgrade to Coward v3 and closes the gap with Smoke Stacks a bit.

Aug 30, 2001 Emilio replaces EC_ICEdThunder with ECI_CreepingThunder and moves up a notch. Still can't quite take out Rocket Troll, but I've seen it get halfway down the hallway...

Aug 28, 2001 Corvos enters Rocket Troll, which hides under the bridge and eats passers-by. Well, actually it sits at the dark end of the side hallway (waypoint D) and fires a steady stream of rockets, just in case a passing rover might decide to run into them (and oddly enough, most of them do...)

Aug 22, 2001 Coward_v2 and Bushwhacker_Mk4 are now ranked (and their earlier versions have been retired), I don't think it actually changed the rankings though.

Aug 22, 2001 I've got new rovers and results, but seem to be having some odd problem with transferring the data file... so no update yet, but hopefully soon.

Aug 20, 2001 Corvos updated Bushwhacker to version Bushwhacker_Mk2. The new version has an improved repair strategy and better braking, but the changes don't appear to have effected its overall standing.

Aug 19, 2001 Hallway Hunt has been re-run with the win-by-3 scenario and there is also a new rover, Bushwhacker. The good news is there is no longer any sign of a tie!! However a troubling bit is that a number of battles ended with scores that indicate they played out differently than they did under the first-to-5 version. I was under the impression that, given the new scenario is based on the original, only changing the victory condition, that it would play the same and just end soon or later than the original, but apparently not. Note that the results are still reasonable, the differences are like a different random seed was used (and maybe the scenario name effects the random seed...)

Aug 17, 2001 Emilio joins us in the hunt with a little bit of EC_ICEdThunder and breaks up the three way tie. Now NeBan and Emilio are tied for 1st, and NeBan and I are tied for third. Guess we still need a few more entries :)

Aug 15, 2001 NeBan enters Coward, a WheelM with a rocket attack. Coward finds the enemy, launches its attack, and then turns tail and runs! Seems to be a fairly effective strategy, but didn't help our 1st place tie, but instead just joined it for a 3-way tie... oh well.

Aug 14, 2001 The hunt is off to a great start with 3 contestants already. Currently I think all the rovers are from the cognitoy competition, and if you still have yours sitting around, please send it in... or even better send in a new and improved version!

Aug 14, 2001 I haven't got the win-by-3 implemented yet for this scenario, so for now I'm using the built in first-to-5 rule. I'll re-run when I get the correct win condition. Additionally, right now Smoke Stacks and GunShip1 are tied, the Java sorting function picked Smoke Stacks first for now, but it really is just psudo-random... really we just need another entry or two for a tie breaker :)

The current contests consist of tho WheelLs and a UFO. Backfire uses a quad-rocket attack and steers via track sensors. Does laps fairly well, but it is unable to press an advantage (needs to do a whole lap before it will be lined up for a second attack, unless the poor sap is following him). Also, the slow rockets travel at exactly the same speed as a WheelL w/medium engine, so the attacks vs GunShip1 generally just followed it down the hall. :)

GunShip1 uses a multiple machine gun attack that is quite effective in dealing out the damage (effective enough to occasionally deal 300 damage to Smoke Stacks before SS could do just 120 to GunShip1!). GunShip uses waypoints for navigation and performs flawless laps.

Smoke Stacks is the UFO and has a combination of machine guns and lasers. For navigation it uses sonar and an XY sensor (although currently the XY sensor isn't actually being used). It also features an auto-healer. Smoke Stacks movement is random at best and rarely will it complete a lap. Mostly it either bounces around the outer hallways or gets stuck in the center room (the one with the shredder).

Aug 12, 2001 The hunt is on! enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com