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To enter a rover in Chaos Reigns, send your rover, along with your name and your rover's name, to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} a>

Uses the Chaos Reigns scenario available in the BattlePak (get it from the links page).

Rovers may use any of the three small chassis, or any of the three mice chassis, or the puck chassis. All 1.07 components, plus the Cognitoy MRAddons components, plus the BattlePak components are legal except for the Keysensor, the AutoHealer, and the HealthPack.

The contest is run in ladder format where a new rover enters at the bottom and must work its way up to the top.

Rovers are ranked based on the results of the last battle they competed in. The ranked rovers are split into groups of 5 rovers each. If the number of rovers is not a multiple of 5, the lowest ranked group may contain between 4 and 8 rovers. New rovers are initially ranked at the bottom.

Up to 3 rovers may enter the contest at once (though in most cases rovers enter just one at a time). After being added, the lowest ranked group has a battle. If there are less than 8 rovers in the group, the difference is made up by selecting the lowest ranked rovers from the next group up. After the battle, the rovers are ranked based on number of points scored, ties going to the rover that previously had the higher rank. One the new rankings are complete, the next group is selected and a new battle is run. Since the next group will have only 5 rovers, the remaining 3 are selected from the top of the group that was just run (these are the 3 rovers that will have a chance to move up into this group). The process continues until the top group has been run.

Each match will have a new seed and ends when any rover has at least a three point lead over all other rovers, or after 30 minutes, whichever comes first.

Each contestant may have up to three rovers competing at one time.

(historical significance only... the mice are no longer necessary)The initial combatants (until we get at least 8 entries) will fight against the built-in mice. The mice will not get rankings, but will simply fill out the roster and provide food for the slaughter.

old news

Apr.17.01 - Corvos enters Tin Cat Mk2, which oddly enough ends up in 10th (just like the original :)

Mar.22.01 - Added Streetsweeper and RunNGun, retired Tweedledee.

Mar.19.01 - BigT retires Lunatic and enters Schizoid. The group 1 match for this round was very close, with all four top ranked rovers staying within 2 points of each other for around 20 minutes!

Mar.16.01 - Added Tweedledummer, which pulled off a 1st place in it's group 3 battle, but fell back to 6th in the group 2 matchup. It's also nice to see some stability at the top ranks, both Snort and The_Pipsissywah maintained their #1 and #2 ranks.

Mar.13.01 - Added Prancer (v3) and retired Asor (v3).

Mar.12.01 - I found a significant bug in the Chaos Reigns scenario that was causing the 5th rover to get moved inside the center post. This prevented it from attacking, but also protected it from most attacks (I think rockets, mines, and welding torches could still hurt it, but sonar can't ping it). Anyway, I fixed the bug and updated the BattlePak. It shouldn't make a big difference for rover building purposes, but if you want to really run a full battle, I recommend getting the fix. I'm not going to re-run any old battles, but new rounds (including today's update) will use the fixed scenario.

I've got the automated program running, so I can easily add rovers per the posted rules now. I should also be able to come up with some nice way of displaying the individual battle results, but I need to determine a good way to show them first (my battle listings so far aren't really compact enough to continue doing). Any ideas would be welcome.

And in case it wasn't clear, the standings have been updated and Lunatic and The_Pipsissywah are now ranked. I also added an updated Asor and retired Prancer.

Mar.09.01 - This run included Maniac and an updated Asor. The updates to Madman and Prancer, along with new entries Lunatic and The_Pipsissywah will be in the next run. Also, Psychotic and Asor were retired at the end this run.

I'm going to start enforcing both the 3 rover limit and that if you send in an updated rover, it is treated like a new rover (new name, preferably a new vmf file name). The contest is getting enough entries that I'm starting to loose track of things...

Now onto the good stuff. I ran another round with three matches:

Group 3 (Tweedledee CR, Asor, DumPuck, and Maniac) + (Snidley, Madman, Psychotic, and Boss_Hog) from group 2:

  1. Madman (16)
  2. DumPuck (13)
  3. Maniac (13)
  4. Tweedledee CR (12)
  5. Boss Hog ( 8)
  6. Snidley ( 6)
  7. Psychotic ( 3)
  8. Asor ( 3)

Group 2 (Id10t, Madman, DumPuck, Maniac, Tweedledee CR) + (Boss Hog, Snidley, and Psychotic) from group 3:

  1. DumPuck (15)
  2. Maniac (12)
  3. Snidley (12)
  4. Madman ( 8)
  5. Tweedledee CR ( 8)
  6. Psychotic ( 8)
  7. Boss Hog ( 7)
  8. ID10t ( 6)

Group 1 (Snort, Little Devil CR, Prancer, Tweedledee, and Tin Cat) + (DumPuck, Maniac, and Snidley) from group 2:

  1. Tin Cat (34)
  2. Snort (31)
  3. Prancer (27)
  4. Little Devil CR (25)
  5. Snidley (24)
  6. DumPuck (19)
  7. Tweedledee (18)
  8. Maniac (13)

Mar.08.01 - A whole lot of updated rovers, plus a couple new entries. For the updated rovers, I tried to restart them from the bottom, but I failed in Snort's case, but it was way too late by the time I noticed. Shouldn't matter anyway after a few more runs... I ran a total of three matches for this round (which doesn't fit my add only up to three rovers rule, but until I get my automated tool patched with the new contest rules, I may take some liberties). After the matches were done I retired the original Little Devil since the new version surpassed it, but I left Tweedledee as the new version got stuck. When the new version supasses the old, I'll retire the older Tweedledee. I also retired some of JAW's lower ranking entries.

Anyway, the first match (group 3) results were:

  1. LittleDevil CR (21)
  2. Prancer (18)
  3. Madman (17) *Note that there is both a rover named Madman and a player named Madman, but Madman didn't make Madman...
  4. Asor (16)
  5. Snidley (14)
  6. Blart (12)
  7. DumPuck (11)
  8. Sniggle (11)

The second match (group 2) results were:

  1. Little Devil CR (16)
  2. Prancer (13)
  3. Snidley (12)
  4. Madman (9)
  5. Psychotic (8)
  6. Boss_Hog (8)
  7. Tweedledee CR (6)
  8. Asor (4)

And the third match (group 1) results were:

  1. Snort (33)
  2. Little Devil CR (30)
  3. Prancer (29)
  4. Little Devil (27)
  5. Tweedledee (22)
  6. Tin Cat (22)
  7. Id10t (13)
  8. Snidley (13)

Mar.07.01 - A couple more entries. Rollin updated Tweedledee to attack its friends and we got what I can only assume to be another puck entry from a new player - Madman.

Mar.07.01 - Another 8 entries (sort of). Rollin enters Tweedledee (from the Dinky Duos contest), Desertfox enters Id10t and Boss Hog, and JAW enters 5 rovers (Snort, Sniggle, Snidley, Asor, and Blart). Normally I wouldn't take 5 rovers from one player, but the contest is new enough that I figured I'd run them all and JAW will need to pick which ones to retire after I get a few more entries (or I'll just retire the two with the lowest ranks).

The first match I ran was with just 4 rovers (Little Devil, Tin Cat, Psychotic, and Tweedledee). It was a fairly high scoring match (taking just under 18 minutes) with most of the contestants spending their time killing mice. Tweedledee seemed to have the most effective targeting system, but since it had been programmed for Dinky Duos, it wasn't firing at 'teammates' (which would be the other three contestants, so it was ONLY killing the mice). The final ranking was:

  1. Tin Cat (74)
  2. Little Devil (71)
  3. Tweedledee (63)
  4. Psychotic (56)

Later I added the other 7 rovers which caused a second group to form. The first match of this round had Snort and Id10t struggling for the win (BTW, Id10t is a puck rover :) With Snort finally pulling ahead after the 3 minute mark:

  1. Snort (25)
  2. Id10t (22)
  3. Sniggle (19)
  4. Psychotic (15)
  5. Snidley (13)
  6. Boss Hog (11)
  7. Asor (10)
  8. Blart (9)

The second match of the round finished fairly quickly now that Tweedledee was actually targeting real opponents (still would be better if it targeted its 'teammates' too. :) After just just 2 minutes Tweedledee pulled ahead to grab victory!

  1. Tweedledee (17)
  2. Tin Cat (14)
  3. Little Devil (14)
  4. Snort (14)
  5. Id10t (9)
  6. Sniggle (9)
  7. Psychotic (9)
  8. Snidley (6)

Mar.06.01 - Our first three entries are in already (Little Devil, Tin Cat, and Psychotic). Results coming soon...

Mar.05.01 - Contest started. enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com