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Sep 23, 2004 Maverick enters meathead_fx and meatball. meathead_fx makes it to 48th and meatball ends up in 56th.

Also ArenaBroom makes some nice progress by climbing to 27th.

Sep 14, 2004 Magnetronic Pyro enters Luftwaffe_2 and ArenaBroom. ArenaBroom climbs to 40th while Luftwaffe_2 ends up at 50.

Sep 3, 2004 Maverick enters p1 and p2 which start out in 52nd and 53rd.

Jun 17, 2004 Rollin enters RJGice_LeadShot. Seems like it performs quite nicely overall, but had a bit of trouble in the first matches because it lacks mine avoidance. It still managed some nice numbers though. Edged out of advancing in a very quick second match, RJGice_LeadShot starts off in 49th.

Apr 6, 2004 Sarlok upgrades to Scimitar_rev2, which had a very good showing in its first match, but was edged out of advancing in the second. Scimitar_rev2 starts off in 50th.

Feb 27, 2004 Tex enters Rattus_Rattus which starts off at 50th.

(as of this posting, I appear to be caught up. If you have entered a rover and haven't seen results posted for it, please contact me again.)

Feb 19, 2004 Malakia upgrades to Malapropist_v2 which starts off by climbing 29th before being stopped by the team of HitMan, swamp_thing, and GunTurret (The three rovers went on to sweep the next two matches, with HitMan eventually climbing all the way back to #1 - breaking a 7 round slump).

Jan 23, 2004 Updated for the ImperialBattery change. Given the nature of the scenario, there were lots of changes. Some that caught my attention were, SafetyFeature_Laserv2 made it back up to 1st (had been in 18th). While Get Smart (which had been in 1st) is now in 9th. GunTurret is now in 30th instead of 3rd. swamp_thing is in 26th instead of 10th. JAW came out very well with Snort and Prancer_(v3) moving up to 24th and 17th (from 34th and 31st), while SnidleyV5 ony dropped from 13th to 16th.

Dec 11, 2003 Magnetronic Pyro enters Luftwaffe II which starts off at 48th.

Dec 10, 2003 Malakia enters Malapropist and SteveT enters SteveT_CR_XII and SteveT_CR_XIII. Malapropist starts off the best, climbing all the way to 29th. SteveT_CR_XIII climbs to 35th, and SteveT_CR_XII starts off at 48th.

Nov 17, 2003 Malakia enters The_Lioness_v2 which is stopped in match 1 of round 1 by a 4 way tie (being the newest, it didn't get to advance).

Nov 3, 2003 Tikatt enters ChaosLaser and ChaosArtillery, and Malakia enters GunTurret. GunTurret makes a very impressive showing by climbing to 11th in its first round! ChaosLaser ranks in 34th, while ChaosArtillery ranks in at 50th.

Oct 14, 2003 Maverick enters swamp thing which starts off at 34th.

Sep 16, 2003 JAW upgrades to SnidleyV5 which starts off in 34th.

Jul 5, 2003 Liebig enters Angry_Rhino which starts off in 30th. Another recent entry, Corvos's Chaos_Raider_Mk4, jumped to 10th last round and is currently at 13th.

Jun 30, 2003 Liebig enters HotDog_IV which starts off in 40th.

Mar 19, 2003 Corvos enters Chaos_Raider_Mk4 which did well in the first match, but got edged out of advancing in the next match, even though it was nearly the same crew! For now, Chaos_Raider_Mk4 is at 39th.

ECI_DrivebyShooting manages to make it past whatever had it stuck way down in group 7 and it moves into 7th place.

Mar 16, 2003 Roswell_Nightlife enters Roswell_CT which starts at 35th. Roswell_Nightlife retires Roswell_Chaotic.

It appears the Russell and Corvos have formed a coup and taken over the top 5 spots.

Mar 6, 2003 Roswell_Nightlife enters Roswell_Chaotic which climbs to 33rd.

As an interesting tidbit, Get Smart has now managed to hold 1st place for three consecutive rounds!

Feb 21, 2003 Sarlok enters Scimitar which starts off at 39th.

Feb 11, 2003 callmeminyme enters Sargent Whacker which starts off at 41st. callmeminyme retires Lutenint WhackerMK3.

Feb 5, 2003 Emilio upgrades to ECI_DrivebyShooting_v4 and replace ECI_FriendofCT with ECI_ChaoticThunder. ECI_ChaoticThunder starts off in 38th, and ECI_DrivebyShooting_v4 is in 40th.

Feb 4, 2003 Emilio upgrades to ECI_ChaosHermit_v3, which ranks in at 34th.

Jan 12, 2003 Emilio upgrades his top ranked rover to ECI_DrivebyShooting_v3. But the first pass wasn't kind to the new rover and it's held up from advancing even once, giving an initial rank of 39.

Dec 17, 2002 callmeminyme upgrades to Lutenint WhackerMK3. The new Lutenint ranks in at 37th. callmeminyme's other rover, ChaosAgent, makes a small climb to 33rd.

Also of note, Corvos' Chaos_Raider_MkIII has climbed all the way to 8th after three rounds (it ranked in at 30th the first round).

Dec 10, 2002 callmeminyme enters ChaosAgent and Lutenint Whacker. Lutenint Whacker manages to advance 4 times before just missing advancement in round 5 and ranks in at 19th. ChaosAgent had trouble in round 2 and starts off at 37th.

Oct 24, 2002 Corvos upgrades to Chaos_Raider_MkIII which starts off in 30th. Chaos_Raider_MkIII uses the new VehcileSkin component, so grab the latest version of the BattleSkins.pak file to see it in all its glory!

Oct 8, 2002 Corvos enters Chaos_Raider which starts off at 29th. Corvos also retires Pipsissywah_Mk2.

Sep 13, 2002 A new player, Tikatt, enters Tikatt_HitNRun1. Tikatt_HitNRun1 did very well in its first match, scoring 18 points with no deaths. The second match was a different story...

Sep 11, 2002 Corvos enters Minigunner ranks in at 25th. Corvos retires Blue Light Mini Mk2.

Aug 29, 2002 Shadow Master enters Creepy Crawler (replacing Sx1 Creeper) which ranks in at 30th.

Jul 30, 2002 Corvos upgrades to Pipsissywah_Mk2 which intially starts at 30th (the original, The_Pipsissywah, had been at 11th).

BorderPatrol continues its climb and is now at 7th. Additionally, some long time competitors, DumPuck and Typhoon have made it into the top 10 (they may have been here before and I just don't remember...)

Leaders are now SteveT_CR_X, ECI_FriendofCT, and HitWoman.

Jul 29, 2002 Two new entries: Corvos upgrades to Blue Light Mini Mk2 and Sord enters LoftyGoals. Blue Light Mini Mk2 starts off at 35th and LoftyGoals at 28th.

As recent entry, BorderPatrol manages to climb from its starting rank of 29th all the way up to 10th!

Another bit of interesting information, ECI_FriendofCT, no stranger to 1st place, had been struggling the last few rounds and had fallen all the way back to 17th. But this time found its groove and climbs all the way back to 1st. But apparently being a friend of ChaosTroll does automatically make one a friend of ChaosHermit as ECI_ChaosHermit_v2 falls from 1st to 6th.

The contest leaders are ECI_FriendCT, HitWoman, and ECI_DriveByShootingII.

Jul 26, 2002 DavidW enters BorderPatrol, a roving perimiter bot, that starts off in 29th.

The contest leaders are ECI_ChaosHermit_v2, ECI_DriveByShootingII, and HitWoman.

The addition of BorderPatrol filled group 7 up to a full 8 rovers (the lowest group can have anywhere between 4 and 8 rovers, all other groups always have 5). BorderPatrol started off very well in its first match, quickly getting out of the center kill zone and keeping itself alive and gaining points. However, it began to have more trouble as the match wore on and more and more mines were getting scattered about the arena. Still, BorderPatrol managed to pull off 3rd, which is the cutoff for participation in the next group's match.

In its second round against the group 6 rovers, BorderPatrol again started off well, and this time there were no mines to deal with. However, once again as the match wore on, BorderPatrol again began to falter. This time it was because of a pack of small treaded rovers hanging around the center pole. The treaded rovers were so close to each that their radars tended to miss sensing each other, and even when they did, the lock generally didn't hold. Instead thay all scanned far away, where BorderPatrol was, and would slowly chip away at its health, while BorderPatrol just circled, never seeing, or attacking, the rovers in the middle. Note that the other 4 rovers were mostly irrelevant to this match as they pretty much stayed dead and BorderPatrol and the 3 treads all got points when they died. BorderPatrol ended up as 4th in this match, earned it a spot in group 6, but didn't allow it the opportunity to advance to group 5 this cycle.

Interesting to note that two of the small treads (Scotty_Jr5 and Blue Light Mini) that did get the opportunity to advance to group 5 not only succeeded, but also placed well enough to attempt to move to group 4 and managed to secure their their place there.

Jun 24, 2002 DB enters MotherPucker, a dual AutoCannon spinning puck, which starts off at 31st.

The contest leaders are SafetyFeature_Laserv2, ECI_ChaosHermit_v2, and HitWoman.

May 31, 2002 Shadow Master enters Sx1 Creeper which starts off at 35th.

The leaders are ECI_ChaosHermit_v2, HitWoman, and HitMan (and I feel compelled to mention that one of my entries, HapHazard_v2, made it up to 4th, although I'm sure it's just temporary... :)

Other interesting tidbits, a recent entry by Malakia, The_Lioness, makes a big climb up to 17th. Another recent entry, ChaosDrone by DB, has climbed to 16th.

May 30, 2002 Malakia enters The_Lioness, a small wheeled armed with machine guns that hunts using radar, and seems to use a bit of dead-reckoning to avoid the central area. It starts off at 31st.

Also, I retired Sapper as it used the Cannon_Beta (which was never contest legal and which I shouldn't have let in and which Tex had even mentioned it used in his email if I had bothered to read it, must've been a bad day...) Anyway, the AutoCannon is legal and should make a resonable replacement if Tex is interested.

Current leaders are ECI_FriendofCT, ECI_ChaosHermit_v2, and HitMan.

Apr 27, 2002 Corvos enters Blue Light Mini, which start off at 30th, and retires C4. Emilio sweeps the top three spots with ECI_ChaosHermit_v2, ECI_DriveByShootingII, and ECI_FriendofCT.

Apr 21, 2002 Tex enters Sapper and Crazy_Ivan which start off at 31st and 32nd. The leaders are now GetSmart, ECI_DrivebyShootingII, and HitWoman.

Mar 11, 2002 A new player, DB, enters ChaosDrone. ChaosDrone ranks in at 25. The leaderboard contains a lot of new blood, listing SafetyFeature_Laserv2 at the top followed by ECI_DrivebyShootingII. Russell's hit squad is still hanging in there at 3rd and 4th, but they seem to be having more trouble with the newcomers...

Mar 5, 2002 Emilio enters ECI_ChaosHermit_v2 and Corvos replaces The Skeezix with C4. ECI_ChaosHermit_v2 starts at 29th, while C4 blows it way up to 26th.

The leaderboard includes Russell's long time leaders HitMan and HitWoman, and a new rover, SafetyFeature_Laserv2, has managed to blaze its way up to 2nd. Congratulations Mythren!

Feb 19, 2002 Black Eagle enters CPUEater and retires LaserX. Corvos enters The Skeezix and retires Tin Cat Mk2 and Streetsweeper. CPUEater ranks in at 31st, being beat out by The Skeezix at 30th. The overall leaders are HitWoman, HitMan, and Black Eagle's Marionette_MK3.

Feb 17, 2002 Emilio upgrades to ECI_DrivebyShootingII which starts off at 19th. The leaders are HitMan, Get Smart, and HitWoman.

Feb 15, 2002 A new player, Magnetronic Pyro, enters Brain_Dead_II and Little_Candle, which start at 32nd and 29th. Good news for me though, as HapHazard_v2 managed to climb to 10th. And the leaders this time are Get Smart, The_Pipsissywah, and HitWoman.

Feb 12, 2002 Sord upgrades to HapHazard_v2 and also enters GoodOldBoys. HapHazard_v2 manages to climb to 20th, while the GoodOldBoys don't even manage to make it past Boss Hog and so start off in 31st... The leaders are now HitWoman, HitMan, and Get Smart.

Feb 9, 2002 Emilio enters ECI_FriendofCT, which starts off at 24th. The leaders are now HitMan, Get Smart, and The_Pipsissywah.

Feb 9, 2002 Sord enters HapHazard, which starts off in 27th (damn that Boss Hog :)... The new leaders are HitWoman, Get Smart, and HitMan.

Jan 31, 2002 Emilio enters ECI_DrivebyShooting which starts off at 20th. Emilio also retires ECI_ChaosHermit and EC_ChaosTrollv2.

The new leaders are Get Smart, HitMan, and Prancer.

Jan 22, 2002 I guess it's true, behind every good man is a good woman! Russell retires RT_ChaosPuck and enters HitWoman. HitMan, which had previously be languishing in 24th, rockets straight up to 1st, followed by HitWoman, and then by yet another one of Russell's creations, Get Smart.

Jan 20, 2002 Russell enters RT_ChaosPuck and HitMan, while Emilio enters ECI_ChaosHermit. ECI_ChaosHermit does the best, climbing up to 9th. RT_ChaosPuck starts off at 19th and HitMan at 24th.

A recent entry, Marionette_MK3 makes it all the way to 1st, followed by Get Smart and Little Devil CR.

Jan 17, 2002 Black Eagle upgrades to Marionette_MK3 and also enters LaserX. Marionette_MK3 does very well, working its way up to 4th. LaserX didn't make it past the first round and ends up at 23rd, for now...

The new leaders are SteveT_CR_X, DumPuck, and The_Pipsissywah.

Jan 13, 2002 Emilio upgrads to EC_ChaosTrollv2 and climbs up to 7th. Apparently Get Smart doesn't like the troll as it drops back to 8th, allowing Snort, DumPuck, and Prancer to hold the 1, 2, and 3 positions.

Jan 11, 2002 Hellnick upgrads to Scotty_Jr5. Mythren enters SafetyFeature_Rocketv2 and SafetyFeature_Laserv2 (and retires just SafetyFeature_Rocket).

Of the new rovers, SafetyFeature_Laserv2 does the best, advancing to 11th. Scotty_Jr5 ends up at 17th and SafetyFeature_Rocketv2 is at 23rd.

Get Smart regains the #1 spot, followed by Prancer and then SteveT_CR_X.

Jan 9, 2002 Chaos Reigns has three new rovers. Emilio enters EC_ChaosTroll and Mythren enters SafetyFeature_Laser and SafetyFeature_Rocket. EC_ChaosTroll manages to advance once and starts off at 18th. The SafetyFeatures are apparently too safe and end up in 22nd and 24th.

The new leaders are Little Devil CR, Prancer, and Id10t.

Dec 21, 2001 Black Eagle upgrads to Marionette_MK2 and takes a big leap up to 4th! Get Smart continues to hold #1, while 2nd is now occupied by Little Devil CR, and 3rd by SteveT_CR_X.

Dec 16, 2001 Black Eagle enters Marionette_MK1 which start off at 18th. The top three remain Get Smart, Schizoid, and The_Pipsissywah, with Get Smart taking the #1 spot this time.

Dec 14, 2001 Rollin enters Duck'n'Run, a weaponless rover, that starts out at 15th. The update allows Schizoid to be king for a day. Get Smart and The_Pipsissywah continue to hold 2nd and 3rd, with Get Smart now getting the advantage. Rollin also retires RunNGun.

Dec 12, 2001 Hellnick updates to Scotty_Jr3, which starts off one place better than the original (at 13th). The latest results now put SteveT_CR_X as #1, followed by The_Pisissywah (hanging onto 2nd), and then Get Smart (moving up one spot to 3rd).

Dec 10, 2001 Hellnick enters Scotty_Jr and manages to advance once and ends up in 14th. Other recent entries, Get Smart climbs all the way to 4th (from 19th), and SteveT_CR_X moves from 11th to 7th. The current leaders are now #1:Prancer, 2:The_Pipsissywah, and 3:Schizoid.

Nov 5, 2001 Russell retires Chaos Troll and enters Get Smart. Get Smart had problems with Boss Hog's mines and failed to advance (Boss Hog also has problems with the mines and didn't fare much better). Our previous entry from SteveT manages to make some progress, climbing to 11th. And the new leader is now Little Devil CR. And finally, I finally fixed the server side scripts so Chaos Reigns is viewable!

Oct 31, 2001 SteveT enters SteveT_CR_X and starts out at 15th. Note however the previous entry, Chaos Troll, which started in 17th makes a big leap and ends up in 2nd! And the new leader is now The_Pipsissywah.

Sep 23, 2001 Russell enters Chaos Troll which ends up in 17th. The reshuffling doesn't change the top 4, but Snort manages to push RunNGun out of 5th.

PS. I haven't yet ported the scripts for displaying Chaos Reigns, but you can still view the up to date stats on the old site (both sites use the same input data).

Mar 22, 2001 A couple of new rovers in Chaos Reigns.

Mar 19, 2001 Updated Chaos Reigns (new rover+results).

Mar 16, 2001 Updated Chaos Reigns with a new rover and updated rankings.

Mar 13, 2001 Chaos Reigns has a new version of Prancer.

Mar 12, 2001 Updated Chaos Reigns. Also, I found and fixed a bug in the Chaos Reigns scenario that was causing rover #5 to be treated unfairly, so the BattlePak has been updated with the fix.

Mar 8, 2001 A whole bunch of changes in Chaos Reigns (over half the rovers were updated in some way...)

Mar 7, 2001 A couple more entries into Chaos Reigns.

Mar 7, 2001 Big update to Chaos Reigns. Initial rankings are in, along with battle commentary and new rovers.

Mar 6, 2001 The first three entries for Chaos Reigns are in. Results coming soon...

Mar 6, 2001 Chaos Reigns is now open! enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com