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Mar 14, 2008 Damian enters Rocketeer which ranks in at 26th.

Feb 12, 2008 Desertfox enters Rattlesnake_Mk2, a UFO with sharpshooter accuracy that does the inconcievable and ranks in with a perfect record, 116 wins - no losses. Congratulations Desertfox!

Jul 6, 2007 arpad upgrades to UFO_Monstrum_VerIII and enters CYCLOPS_TMA. mirage enters with Arena_UFO_SnS, Desperado, and TripleBattery. arpad's UFO_Monstrum_VerIII remains in 2nd, but closes the gap with ECI_HyperCircler_v3 from 6 wins down to just 3 wins. And arpad's CYCLOPS_TMA comes in close behind with just 1 less win to grab the 3rd spot. mirage's Desperado earns a respectable 24th place. While Arena_UFO_SnS and TripleBattery rank in at 45th and 47th (out of a field of 58).

Oct 12, 2006 It's been a long time, but I have finally got an update!

arpad enters 4 rovers in to the arena (more than technically allowed, but given my sloth like updating, I'll allow it for now). UFO_Monstrum does very well, taking the 2nd place spot in a very tough field. GPX_Ultra_Killer also does quite well, ranking in at 13th. oh_noo_B comes in at 27th and gunplatformX at 40th.

Jan 31, 2006 Arena Combat has been updated with results for Arena_simplex (18), superstrafe (51), a (44), Random_Rocket (43), and Wiggle (45).

Some minor details: Unlike Total War, I did not change the seed value, so Arena Combat is still using the old seed of 7337. The old seed produced a starting situation where the two rovers are on opposite sides of the central pole. Although I'm sure there are other seeds that create the same condition, my brief attempts didn't find one and I didn't want to loose the need to have some movement to be a high ranking competitor in Arena Combat.

Additionally, BP_Fireleader was removed from the contest as it used a custom component not currently available in the BattlePak.

Mar 17, 2004 Corvos upgrades to Predator_Mk3, which regains lost ground, plus a bit more, to retake 2nd.

Feb 19, 2004 Corvos "upgrades" his 2nd place Predator, supposedly to reduce the number of draws, but the net effect was to remain at 6 draws and increase the number of losses from 10 to 25, causing Predator_Mk2 to slide back to 8th.

Feb 14, 2004 Skynet enters FUEL_Cell which ranks in at 44th.

Dec 9, 2003 Nortfast enters Dances with Bombs which ranks in at 41st.

Nov 21, 2003 Emilio upgrades to ECI_HyperCircler_v3 and Corvos enters Predator. ECI_HyperCircler_v3 ranks in at 1st and Perdator ranks in at 2nd.

Nov 5, 2003 Malakia's Uxorian is done running and ranks in at 15th.

Nov 3, 2003 Tikatt enters ArenaBehemoth and Malakia enters Uxorian. ArenaBehemoth ranks in at 28th. Uxorian is still in the process of being run.

Oct 20, 2003 Corvos enters LaserWeasel which ranks in at 17th.
-- BattleSkins2 has been updated.

Oct 14, 2003 Burnin Pancake enters BP_Fireleader which ranks in at 10th.

Sep 19, 2003 Malakia enters Waezegaard which ranks in at 6th.

Sep 10, 2003 Final results are in for mantis and Waazenaar. They both end up with 65 wins and mantis gets the better rank (3rd) due to more draws (or fewer losses). Waazenaar ranks in at 4th.

Sep 9, 2003 Maverick enters mantis (retiring tony) and Malakia enters Waazenaar. Final results are still pending and currently mantis is in 3rd. But Waazenaar is projected to earn 64 wins (1 less than mantis) and with 25 battles still to run, Waazenaar certainly has a shot of edging mantis out of 3rd.

Aug 27, 2003 Maverick enters bullet eater which ranks in at 4th, and retires a short lived missleman.

BattleSkins2 has been updated

Aug 22, 2003 Maverick enters missleman which ranks in at 36th and retires rocketroller.

BattleSkins has been updated (download from Help page).

Jul 16, 2003 Mountain Boarder enters MB_Rocket_Hover and retires Gatlin. MB_Rocket_Hover ranks in at 29th.

Jul 12, 2003 Maverick enters tony and Mountain Boarder enters Smart_Gatlin_. tony ranks in at 26th and Smart_Gatlin_ at 36th. tony has a awesome rocket attack that earns wins against a number of top rovers and is worth the time to check out.

BattleSkins2 has been updated.

Jul 7, 2003 Liebig enters Ultima_Simplex_V2 and Mountain Boarder enters Gatlin. Untilma_Simplex_V2 ranks in at 14th, while Gatlin ranks in at 36th.

Jun 30, 2003 Mountain Boarder retires Heat Myzer.

Jun 26, 2003 Mountain Boarder enters Totally_Aware_V2 and Shreader (retiring Cannon_Overload), while Maverick enters rocketroller. rocketroller does the best, ranking in at 32nd. Shreader ranks in at 34th, with Totally_Aware_V2 right behind in 35th.

Jun 17, 2003 Maverick enters Metal, which ranks in at 4th.

Jun 11, 2003 Mountain Boarder retires Global_Killer.

Jun 10, 2003 Mountain Boarder enters Global_Killer, Heat_Myzer, and Cannon_Overload. Heat_Myzer ranks in at 33rd, Cannon_Overload at 35th, and Global_Killer ends up in 36th.

Mar 24, 2003 Emilio upgrades to ECI_HyperCircler_v2 with improved projectile avoidance and picks up two more wins to further solidify 1st place.

Mar 12, 2003 Emilio enters ECI_HyperCircler, a fast medium wheeled that runs circles around the competition and grabs a solid 1st! Even more amazing is ECI_HyperCircler also takes first in Total War! Emilio retires ECI_ArenaLaser_v2.

Mar 4, 2003 Burning Pankcake enters BP_Apocalypse_v2 which ranks in at 25th.

Mar 3, 2003 Liebig enters MaryGoRound which ranks in at 24th.

Feb 4, 2003 hotcut enters Battle Bot, a Large Tread with a boatload of BattleLasers. The massive damage potential can sometimes score a quick kill, but the lack of space for healthpacks takes its toll in the end. Battle Bot ranks in at 25th.

Feb 1, 2003 Liebig enters Attila junior which ranks in at 25th. BattleSkins2 updated with Attila junior's skin.

Jan 5, 2003 DavidW makes some minor updates to Isaac_II. The changes don't gain any new wins (remains at 45 wins), but they do convert 6 losses into ties which might help someday... Isaac_II remains in 3rd.

Dec 31, 2002 bot builder joins the fray with Grim_Reaper which starts off at 4th. Very nice...

Dec 24, 2002 callmeminyme enters MountieJeepMK1 which ranks in at 13th.

Dec 18, 2002 BigT enters ET. ET is, not suprisingly, a UFO based rover, but somewhat suprisingly it uses AutoCannons which tend to send it to a far corner of the map... ET ranks in at 11th.

Also, the BattleSkins.pak file has been updated with the ET skin.

Dec 9, 2002 Shadow Master enters Strafe Master and Backup Cannon. Both do well with Strafe Master earning 5th and Backup Cannon ranking in at 11th.

Sep 11, 2002 Corvos enters Avenger (retiring Arena_Toaster_Mk2) and ends up at 12 (much like where Arena_Toaster_Mk2 was).

Sep 4, 2002 Shadow Master upgrades to SX9 Strafer and slides in to 6th place!

Aug 15, 2002 A new player, SpicyChikn, enters MikesUltimateRA and MikesUltimateRA2, which start off at 26th and 28th. Based on the rovers/components used, I'm guessing SpicyChikn built the rovers using the demo version of MindRover (which is fine, but its hard to be competitive given the demo restrictions...)

Jul 15, 2002 Corvos upgrades to Firebase_Echo which ranks in at 12th.

Jun 26, 2002 Emilio upgrades to ECI_ArenaLaser_v2, now a HoverL, which eliminates the deadlock problem, but must have brought it's own set of issues as it ends up 2 spots lower (in 9th). It actually has the same number of wins as the first version had, but the distribution is quite different (meaning many of the mobile rovers that had previously lost, now have a win or 2, while many of the rovers which had previously tied now have losses).

Jun 19, 2002 Corvos enters Firebase_Alpha which ranks in at 8th. A Large Tread that uses a triple AutoCannon attack, it is very effective at knocking the UFOs around!

Jun 4, 2002 Emilio enters ECI_ArenaLaser (retiring ECI_LaserTurret) which ranks in at 7th. ECI_ArenaLaser is a TreadL with no engine, but Emilio gave it a thruster to try and break some of the deadlocks that ECI_LaserTurret was getting. Unfortunately the thruster is probably too slow to beat the scenario timeouts, and from what I could see, it just traveled toward the central pole with no way to get around it (which is where most deadlocks come from).

May 31, 2002 Shadow Master enters Sx6 UKO and Sx7 UOK. Sx7 UOK places 12th, and Sx6 UKO ends up at 21st.

May 9, 2002 Results have been regenerated using the modified HealthPack. As expected, the UFOs were hurt by the change and seem to have lost 3-5 wins in general. Formerly 3rd place RJG_RGP_108 (a WheelL I believe) was mostly unaffected by the change and now claims 1st place. However, the old champ, Issac, didn't fall far and still hangs onto a solid 2nd place. The old 2nd place rover (and long time champ), Arena_Tracker doesn't fare well with the change and drops down to 5th, allowing Orbiter_v7 to move up to third and RGP_v2 to take fourth. The largest drop was the old 6th place ParaBellumXXX1, which lost about 30% of it's wins (25->17), leaving it at 12th (13th after the new rover ECI_LaserTurret takes it's spot at 6th). Other notable improvements were Death Machine, BazookaBouncer_v2, and RingofFireMk_6, all climbing 4 or 5 ranks.

Emilio enters ECI_LaserTurret, a stationary TreadL (really stationary!) which did very well at not loosing (fewest number of losses of any rover in this contest). But has no means of getting to the other non-moving rovers and was limited in the number of wins it could get. So ECI_LaserTurret ranks in at 6th.

Apr 27, 2002 Rollin enters RJG_RGP_108 which ranks in at 3rd.

Apr 21, 2002 Spaceman Spiff enters Arena_Ultimate_SnS which ranks in at 8th.

Apr 19, 2002 Ramasubramaniam enters a Rocket_2. Rocket_2 uses only demo components and actually seems to be a pretty decent design, but it doesn't measure up well againt the more complex rovers that are able to focus their attacks.

Apr 14, 2002 Corvos upgrades to Arena_Toaster_Mk2 and climbs one spot to 9th.

Mar 14, 2002 Corvos enters Arena_Toaster to replace Alley_Gator. Arena_Toaster ranks in at 10th.

Feb 27, 2002 DavidW enters Isaac which knocks off Arena Tracker and takes the #1 spot.

Feb 17, 2002 Storm upgrades to Orbiter_v7 and manages to go toe-to-toe with Arena Tracker, but fails to surpass it. Still at 32-0-2, it is a well earned second place.

Jan 13, 2002 Two new rovers. Hellnick enters Parabellum4 which ranks in at 7th. A new player, Monkey1000, enters Hover_Basher_MKII that is interesting to watch, but doesn't fare so well, starting off at 18th.

Jan 3, 2002 A new player Buddha enters Siva, which starts off at 5th. Congrats!

Dec 23, 2001 Russell brings his Tracker UFO to the arena in the form of Arena Tracker, with the same devestating consequences as in the library. Starting off undefeated, it easily takes 1st.

Dec 21, 2001 Storm enters Orbiterv3 which manages to get an almost perfect sweep. The only exception was a tie with another of Storm's rovers, BazookaBouncer v2. Storm also retires Tormentorv2.

Dec 11, 2001 A new player, Lord Death, enters Death Machine and ranks in at 9th.

Hellnick updates to ParaBellumXXX1 which has some minor improvements, but not enough to take 1st away from RGP_v2.

Dec 7, 2001 Hellnick enters ParaBellumXXX and earns 2nd! Hellnick also retires SpaceOddity.

Dec 2, 2001 Hellnick retires DestructoM.

Nov 28, 2001 Hellnick enters SpackOddity and pushes his other rover, DestructoM, out of 12th. However, this latest entry does let Storm's All Gunner push past RocketDeath to claim 2nd.

Nov 24, 2001 A new player, Hellnick, enters DestructoM and ranks in at 12th.

Nov 18, 2001 Storm enters Tormenterv2 and retires A Pest. Of particular interest is that Tormenterv2 is a TreadL w/machine guns that can beat RocketDeath at its own game.

Nov 15, 2001 Desertfox enters Python_Mk2 (originally appeared in TeamBattle) and does quite well, getting a solid 3rd.

Oct 15, 2001 Results are in for re-running RocketDeath with the 200 health. As it happens, there was no change in the rankings. However, RocketDeath does have a couple more losses and many of the battles were much closer, so I'm considering it a success. I think RocketDeath vs SimpleSNS makes a decent benchmark and now, instead of being 5~2 and 5~2, it is 11~9 and 23~24 (much more balanced).

Oct 11, 2001 Rolling upgrades to RGP_v2 and moves into 1st! RGP still isn't able to win vs RocketDeath, but the losses are offset by RoketDeath's losses to RocketAway, and RGP is better at hunting down the strays :)

Oct 3, 2001 Storm downgrades back to BazookaBouncer_v2 which gains him one ranking position.

Oct 2, 2001 Rollin enters RGP (roving gun platform) and is just one tie away from 1st! Storm upgrades to BazookaBouncer_v3, but ends up slipping in the rankings just a bit (of course, it is another of Storm's rovers that takes the #3 spot).

Oct 1, 2001 Storm upgrades to BazookaBouncer_v2 and pulls into 2nd!

Sep 28, 2001 Sord upgrades to RocketAway_v3 and manages to give RocketDeath its first losses. But that doesn't stop RocketDeath from hanging onto 1st...

Sep 26, 2001 BazookaBouncer ranks in at 5th and A_Pest at 7th.

Sep 24, 2001 All Gunner performs quite nicely and pushes specialT_MK2 out of 2nd. Storm also enters a couple more rovers, A_Pest and BazookaBouncer.

Sep 23, 2001 Russell enters RocketDeath and grabs 1st. Sord enters RocketAway and gets 3rd (yes, that's me). Storm retires Bullet Frier and MachoMan and enters All Gunner (no results yet).

Sep 14, 2001 A new contestant, Storm, arrives with a slew of rovers. His best rover, GoodBurger, ranked in at 5th.

Aug 22, 2001 Two new rovers. Spaceman Spiff's Malfunction grabs 2nd and BCP's RingofFireMk_6 come in at 4th. NeBan retires Little Devil 3.

Aug 17, 2001 Sumpter finishes running and joins SimpleSNS in a tie for 2nd. SpecialT_MK2 still rules the roost...

Aug 16, 2001 A couple more entries. BigT enters his old standby, SpecialT_MK2, and lets us all know we're not worthy... I try my own hand at a SNS with Sumpter, but ran out of time to run it fully (I wanted to get some more Tactical War run, so I only got to see Sumpter get pummeled by SpecialT :(

Aug 15, 2001 Two new entries in Arena Combat! And for the initial results, SimpleSNS comes out on top. SimpleSNS, as the name implies, doesn't do anything fancy, but instead has a balanced assortment of machine guns and health packs, giving it good firepower and fair durability. Next up was Alley_Gator, a perimeter rover that just couldn't put enough hits on SimpleSNS to get a kill. However vs Little Devil 3 it faired much better, except when it got stuck against a wall and only managed a tie. Little Devil 3 is a small wheeled that likes to circle its target and get the close in laser kill. It would have faired much better vs SimpleSNS if it maintained the circle, but mostly it would end up doing circles *next* to SimpleSNS (not all the way around) and that let SimpleSNS pick it off easily. Little Devil 3 also has trouble seeing in the corners due to it's search pattern.

Aug 14, 2001 The first entry has arrived. Thanks NeBan!

Aug 12, 2001 The arena is open for war! enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com