Total WarDinky DuosArena RaceSumo Hover
Tactical WarChaos ReignsCombat RaceMaze
Arena CombatHallway HuntHover RaceRiver Race

Contest   Description
Total War Uses Word War I scenario
Tactical War Uses Word War I scenario, but only 1 weapon per rover.
Arena Combat Uses the Rocket Arena add-on scenario for wide open combat.
Dinky Duos Uses Dinky Duos add-on scenario.
Chaos Reigns Uses custom Chaos Reigns scenario (8 way battle). Part of the BattlePak.
Hallway Hunt Uses the Corridor Combat add-on scenario.
Arena Race Uses Arena Race add-on scenario, but without weapons.
Combat Race Uses Arena Race add-on scenario.
Hover Race Uses Arena Race add-on scenario, but hovers only!
Sumo Hover Uses Sumo Hover scenario.
Maze Uses standard Maze scenario.
River Race Uses River Race BattlePak scenario.

To enter any contest hosted at BattleSpot, email your rover, along with your name and the contest to enter, to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com. You can also use the online rover submission form.

It works best if you put your rover into a zip file of the same name as the rover (for example a rover called 'Abc_Xyz' would have the 'Abc_Xyz.vmf' file stored in a '' file. It's even better if you also include the .ice and .wst files.) However, if you are not able to zip your rover, just send whatever you can.

It has been taking me a very long time to get contests run. My hard drive crashed in 2005, and as of October 2006, only Total War and Arena Combat have been rebuilt and rerun. However, please do send in rovers when you get the chance so I'll have them we I finally do get to updating each contest. The number of rovers waiting does have an effect on which contests I update. Also, feel free to bug me via email if you want to see updates happen faster.

Contests hosted at other sites
ContestHosted by : Description
River Battlejupiter orbit : semi-standard rules, uses the River Race arena for a limited component battle.
Rover Biathlonjupiter orbit : standard rules, but limited to TreadM chassis. Rovers are ranked using a combined score from Boom-Boom room and Enemy Encounter.
Demo Battle ContestRumble on Europa : Only demo components allowed, uses the demo's Rocket Arena scenario.
Temple TripletteRumble on Europa : Custom scenario, something like goal tag, but with 3 rovers per team and 30 goals.
Gold RushMindRover_NL : uses standard rules.
Goal TagMindRover_NL : uses standard rules.
Hot PotatoMindRover_NL : uses standard rules.
All-RoundMindRover_NL : combination of race, sumo, and battle scenarios.
Bathroom BattleSteveT's MindRover Stuff : uses standard combat rules, but allows the use of brand new components.
Bunkroom BrawlSteveT's MindRover Stuff : combat, small chassis, 4 rovers, allows new components.
Bunkroom Brawl IISteveT's MindRover Stuff : combat, small and medium chassis, 4 rovers, allows new components.
Rocket DuosFrozen Europa : combat, standard rules I think...
Quarry BattleDavidW's MINDROVER site : uses standard rules.
ALL Cognitoy scenariosCool Fantasy : uses standard rules, no addon components, runs on Linux so I'm guessing v1.07a only.