Playing Since:12/8/02
Last Update:
Rover Name zip Entered Comments
Lutenint Whacker zip Dec 08, 2002 Chaos Reigns
ChaosAgent zip Dec 09, 2002 Chaos Reigns - an S'n'S rover that can hit the whole arena except for the far corners, but it fires at open targets so it missiles get to those far corners any way.
Lutenint WhackerMK3 zip Dec 16, 2002 Chaos Reigns
MountieJeepMK1 zip Dec 20, 2002 Arena Combat
SurfaceToSurfaceMachine zip Jan 02, 2003 Hallway Hunt
FearMK1 zip Feb 01, 2003 Hallway Hunt
Slapshot zip Feb 09, 2003 Hover Race - This guy falls out of the standered racers. He doesn't use a medium hover chasses. He's a puck and he has not been pre programed. He's making it through the coursee on his own.
Sargent Whacker zip Feb 09, 2003 Chaos Reigns - I didn't submit this guy to win, I submited him because he's fun to beat. Also because he tends to win (but i don't know that yet).