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Rover Name zip Entered Comments
BlueBandit zip Dec 29, 2001
Buckaroo Bob zip Jan 11, 2001 "There once was a rover that used a rush attack, launched some rockets and then ran away. Unfortunately it had a habit for blowing itself up and the problem was never fixed, so I finally just made my own :) Buckaroo Bob was thrown together in about an hour"
CoverFire zip Dec 08, 2001
OmniThrust zip Sep 17, 2000 Uses the motion sensor setup I designed oh so long ago, details at No brakes, no steering, only one directional thruster.
PointBlank zip Feb 26, 2001
RocketAway zip Sep 22, 2001
RocketAway_v3 zip Sep 27, 2001
Smoke Stacks zip Aug 14, 2001
SniperShot zip Feb 26, 2001
StickyBit v2 zip Mar 31, 2001
Sumpter zip Aug 16, 2001
TactiWhat zip Jan 01, 2000 "My first entry into one of my own contests. TactiWhat is based off a suggestion to do the equivelent of a SNS, but with HealthPacks replacing the extra weapons. However, I had too much fun doing the spinning radar and it probably lost some effectivness "
HapHazard zip Feb 08, 2002
HapHazard_v2 zip Feb 11, 2002
GoodOldBoys zip Feb 11, 2002
LoftyGoals zip Jul 27, 2002