Playing Since:9/14/00
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Rover Name zip Entered Comments
Arena1 zip Jan 01, 2000 "Our first contestant, and a pretty good one too."
Arena2 zip Jan 01, 2000 "Scott built this for the race (not the battle), can your weapons slow him down?"
ArenaCruiser zip Sep 16, 2000 Modified version of ArenaHoverJogger. Scott improved the timing of the breaks and it in general spends less time sliding off the track´┐Ż
ArenaHoverJogger zip Sep 15, 2000 "Modified version of Target Drone. Scott added more brakes to improve cornering. Still slides around the track alot, but it is nearly 30 seconds faster."
ArenaRacer1 zip Sep 18, 2000 "More tweaking by Scott to shave off even more lap time. ArenaRacer1 breaks the 1.5 minute mark for speed and given how smoothly it travels the track, it has got to be close to the best lap time possible."
Target Drone zip Sep 14, 2000 "Maximized for forward thrust! Has some difficulty with the corners, but really hauls on the straights!! No weapons."