Playing Since:9/19/00
Last Update:
Rover Name zip Entered Comments
GunRunner4 zip Sep 19, 2000 Large wheeled rover that guns down anything that passes it.
HotFoot zip Jan 01, 2000 A large wheeled rover with a triple welding torch attack. Does very well against slow moving targets like Gun Wallah!
LightFoot zip Jan 01, 2000 The first contestant in the tactical war! A Wheeled/Welding Torch rover. Circles the opponent while cooking it. It does seem to have problems with running into bookcases though.
Lightfoot6 zip Jan 01, 2000 "An updated version of Lightfoot for v1.06. Stronger, faster, better´┐Ż "
SpeedOnly3 zip Sep 19, 2000 Small wheeled rover that just cruises the track. No weapons.