Playing Since:8/13/00
Last Update:
Rover Name zip Entered Comments
Croaker LNE zip Sep 12, 2000 Went undefeated in its initial bout. Certainly a force to be reckoned with!
Endbringer LNE zip Sep 13, 2000
Helsdottir_TW zip Jan 28, 2001
Jugernaut_TW zip Dec 18, 2000 WheelL that circles its opponent while shooting inward.
Lifetaker_MGT zip Aug 13, 2000 "Triple machine gun attack on a large treaded chassis. It does move around a bit and it takes advantage of the machine guns turret ability, but the treaded chassis is so slow, it still looks likes a SNS."
Rabit Droppings zip Oct 17, 2000
Terrorist zip Dec 04, 2000
The Grunt XRV zip Oct 02, 2000
Widower MGT zip Sep 12, 2000