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Aug 23, 2010
Just thought I'd say hi, I'm still here. Nothing MindRover related, but my current infatuation is Solium Infernum which is a turn base multiplayer PBEM strategy game. Made by a one man developer, the interface is clunky, but if you can get past that, the game itself is very deep. I'd recommend reading the playthough at Rock, Paper, Shotgun as your first step.

Mar 16, 2009
Not much news, but I'm still here. It looks like the Cognitoy website may be gone, so I'm going to post links to my copies of the files you used to be able to get from their download section. I apologize for the poor formatting, but I wanted to get them up quick.
Demo - MindRover Demo v107
Updates/Addons - READ ME v108 MindRover v108 setup MindRover v108 AddOns HydroBattles AddOn
Registry fixes - nologs.reg.txt normal.reg.txt biglog.reg.txt nosound.reg.txt yessound.reg.txt nomixer.reg.txt yesmixer.reg.txt noCDAudio.reg.txt yesCDAudio.reg.txt keyrepeat.reg.txt

Mar 14, 2008
Arena Combat
Damian enters Rocketeer which ranks in at 26th.

Feb 12, 2008
Arena Combat
Desertfox enters Rattlesnake_Mk2, a UFO with sharpshooter accuracy that does the inconcievable and ranks in with a perfect record, 116 wins - no losses. Congratulations Desertfox!

Nov 6, 2007
Hallway Hunt
New random seed and all battles regenerated. Two new entries: Health of a laser (AlexanderK) and My name stitch (Mac Dude). The new seed was selected such that the rovers would start in neighboring hallways, but out of direct line of sight. This appears to have the desired effect of greatly reducing the number of draws. Moonshot V5 moves in to first (overtaking Maverick's other rover, moonraker). DavidW's rover DM1 also gets a nice boost, climbing from 10th to 4th (sliding DavidW's other rover Death Star back to 5th). The new rovers rank in at 20th for Health of a laser and 24th for My name stitch.