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To enter a rover in Total War, send your rover, along with your name and your rover's name, to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com

All out battle in the library. Load up on weapons and blast away!

Battles use the Word War I scenario, but you need to win by 3 points instead of the normal first to 3 points to win. Additionally, the battle will be called if neither rover manages to deal damage or move significantly for one minute, or if no damage has been done for five minutes. The BattlePak contains a custom scenario that uses these rules (Total War).

Each rover will play each of the other rovers twice, once as team 1 and once as team 2. The random seed will be preset to the same value for all matches so all rovers will get equal starting conditions and matches can be replayed. If there is ever an indication that a rover has somehow managed to take advantage of the current seed, a new seed will be picked for future battles (old battles may also be re-run as time permits).

The rovers are ranked based on their total number of wins (more wins = better rank). If two rovers have an equal number of wins, I then compare the number of ties (more ties = better rank). Finally if both wins and ties are equal, I compare the number of wins each rover got vs just the rovers that have a better rank. If still equal, I then check the wins received vs each other. If still equal, I compare ties vs better rovers (and then ties vs each other). And if still equal, I just pick the rover that suits my fancy to get the higher rank (which most likely will be the rover that has been there longer).

Each contestant may have up to three rovers competing at one time.

old news

Jul.02.01 - SlowNoGo_v4 ranked in at 18th.

Jun.29.01 - SlowNoGo_v4 entered. SlowNoGo retired.

Jun.21.01 - SlowNoGo ranked in at 16th.

Jun.15.01 - DummestBot has been ranked.

Mar.28.01 - OrbitalMiner_MK2 has been ranked.

Mar.27.01 - Demolisher and OutCast have re-entered an updated version of OrbitalMiner (MK2). It still blows itself up occasionally, but not quite as often.

Mar.22.01 - SkyDemon is fully ranked and did indeed get second, although it was closer than I thought it would be. A couple of battles timed out because SkyDemon (and the opponent) can end up on opposite sides of an obstacle and then never move around. I think a long set timer that provides an occsionaly random impluse might convert a couple of ties to wins (vs Python800 and DummerThanDummerbot).

Mar.19.01 - D&O retires Orbital Miner and enters SkyDemon. Orbital Miner was the only bot that defeated Titantus, but D&O's new bot is also up to the task, so Titantus continues on with exactly 2 losses... SkyDemon already has enough losses to prevent it from unseating Titantus. However it does look like it is in a good position to rank in at second. BTW: did I mention that SkyDemon is a hover! Excellent :)

Mar.14.01 - WOW! Nice job by Nellie, bringing in Titantus with only two losses in over 70 battles (both to OrbitalMiner, waaaay down at rank 30).

Mar.13.01 - Blart is ranked, added Titantus.

Mar.12.01 - Added Blart. Check out Blart's stats vs Jugernaut!

Mar.04.01 - Starship is done and Total War is up to date!

Feb.28.01 - Thanatos Mk2 is done so Thanatos is now retired. OrbitalMiner is now rankable again (I marked the battle as a 14-14 tie since that was the last score I saw before MindRover crashed).

Feb.26.01 - Angler 1.1 is done. Added Starship. OrbitalMiner is temporarily retired because MindRover was crashing (probably due to the mines), I'll do something manual to fix it for now and get it back in. Also, my tool appears to have a bug and started running Starship instead of Thanatos Mk2 (apparently it just wasn't a good weekend for D&O's rovers :) I'll fix that too...

Feb.23.01 - Dodge Sniper WW1 is done, Angler is retired (Angler 1.1 will be done soon, it just needs to finish mopping up in the lower ranks :).

Feb.20.01 - Dodge Sniper WW1 is nearly done. Also added Thanatos MK2.

Feb.16.01 - Orbm1 is done and Dodge Sniper WW1 has started getting results.

Feb.11.01 - Added Angler v1.1 + additional results in for Orbm1.

Feb.10.01 - A slight modification to how new rovers are added. Results for incomplete rovers will now be posted and ranked (battles not run yet are listed as pending).

Results in for TripleThreat, Silverfish_Mk7, and partial results for Orbm1.

Feb.05.01 - Results in for Helsdottir_TW, BES_Redux, Johnnys Weapon, and Simple. Azuth does very well with Helsdottir_TW (3rd) and also has Jugernaut_TW move into 1st. BES_Redux aslo does well, but pushes Snark out of the way to do it :)

Feb.02.01 - Results in for Snark, which pulls off a respectable 7th. Also added some more new rovers for you to check out and retired a number of old rovers.

Jan.31.01 - Results for Toasty_VI and SD2000_Mark II are in. Also added simple, BES_Redux, Helsdotir_TW, and Snark to the new list.

Jan.26.01 - Apparently drive by shootings are the way to go! Shade enters Angler and starts off in 1st. Very nice! Angler's design is very similar to Jugernaut_TW (2nd), but apparently downsizing really does work (in this case) as Angler uses a medium wheeled chassis (Jugernaut uses a large wheeled chassis) and pulls in that precious extra win.

Also added another new rover, Library Warrior, to the other end of the list...

Jan.22.01 - The Eagle has landed! third it would appear. Nellie takes a large step forward in the rankings by retiring Whistler and entering Eagle. Many other rovers also moved a spot or two, but Azuth still has a solid hold on first.

Jan.11.01 - My first entry into Total War, Buckaroo Bob! Works like Bonzai Bob, but doesn't blow itself up quite as often.

Jan.04.01 - A new entry from a new player, IllCat, has been added.

Dec.27.00 - Updated some of the close/tied matches that had been stopped early at 10 minutes with the 30 minute results. SNS_Killer climbs from 7th to 4th, pushing CoreMaster to 5th and The Grunt XRV to 7th. MerryGoRound moves up one place, as does OrbitalMiner.

Dec.26.00 - Added Jugernaut_TW and CoreBlue. Although CoreBlue did really well by taking third place, Jugernaut_TW really shined, grabbing a very solid first place with a commanding 5 point lead!

Dec.21.00 - MerryGoRound enters in the mid ranks, but really shakes up the top rankings! CoreMaster moves from fourth to second and SNS Killer drops from second to sixth. Still, it's a really close match, so look for more changes to come...

Dec.17.00 - Demolisher and OutCast take on BigT's specialT and slap it upside the head!

Desertfox's Python800 also makes a really good showing by entering at 5th place.

Dec.06.00 - BigT grabs first place with specialT_TW. Nice!

Nov.30.00 - CoreMaster grabs third place and shakes up the rankings a bit.

Oct.25.00 - Added results for Left Arms. There were a number of matches I'll have to re-examine as they didn't log correctly.

Oct.15.00 - Added results for OrbitalMiner. OrbitalMiner easily beat both Endbringer and Silverfish, but ran into trouble with all the other contenders. Definitely one of the more unique rovers though.

Oct.10.00 - Added results for Silverfish Mk3 and SNS Killer, both of which did very well. Silverfish Mk3 enters the rankings at the #2 position, being just barely edged out by Endbringer LNE (both have 26-4-0 records, but Endbringer won both battles against Silverfish). SNS Killer also makes a good showing, entering at rank #3 and only two points behind first place. The former first place rover, The Grunt XRV, is pushed all the way down to fourth!

Oct.05.00 - Added results for The Grunt. Retired Lifetaker.

Oct.03.00 - Added results for Razer Mk1.

Also, apparently neoliminal's NaughtOne & Two are overweight for the Word War I scenario, so they are being retired from Total War, they will probably come back when I add an Arena based contest.

Just as a FYI, this wasn't a deliberate attempt by neoliminal, just an oversight. The weight limit on Rocket Arena is 100 more than Word War I and the rovers were built in RA and presumably never tested in WW1. Due to a bug, v1.06 didn't prevent overweight rovers from loading when using scripts so I never noticed. I believe v1.07 fixes the bug. I'm cutting over to v1.07 tonight, so if there are any other overweight rovers, they will also get retired... enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com