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Jul 6, 2007 mirage enters Duckhunt, laser_turret, and Rocket_Turret. Duckhunt does excellent, claiming the 7th spot! Rocket_Turrent also makes a good showing, staying in the top half at 39th. And laser_turret ends up way down in 72nd (of 94 total).

Dec 19, 2005 Results are up for Godzilla_Xlt (15), GunGuy (52), Escape Pod (73), a (41), Hexalaser (74), and RangeRover (66). The only change in the top ranks was ECI_IBTurret_v3 had problems with Godzilla_Xlt, so Ultima_Simplex_V2 is able to move up one place to 4th.

Next up is Arena Combat with Arena_simplex, superstrafe, a, Random_Rocket, and Wiggle.

Dec 13, 2005 The first step has finished - rerunning the old rovers, and the results have been posted. They are slightly different than before as I took the opportunity to pick a new seed (34567). If you want to compare, the old data will be temporarily listed under totalwar_IB.

A quick summary of the top six:
Eternalbliss and ECI_HyperCircler_v3 are still ranked 1 and 2.
SpaceDemonMK3 moves up one place to 3rd and ECI_IBTurret_v3 moves up two places to 4th.
Ultima_Simplex_V2 and Tony_T fall to 5th and 6th respectively.

Sep 29, 2004 DavidW enters Eternalbliss, which with a record of 162-5-3 edges out ECI_HyperCircler_v3 for 1st!

Sep 9, 2004 Maverick enters Tony_T which does very well by ranking in at 4th!

Jun 8, 2004 Onion Gravie enters Argus_v3b which ranks in at 81st.

May 26, 2004 Onion Gravie enters Argus_v002 which ranks in at 85th.

Feb 8, 2004 Emilio enters ECI_IBTurret_v3, Liebig enters AustroSaurus, and Malakia enters SnipeShot. ECI_IBTurrent_v3 ranks in at 7th, SnipeShot ranks in at 8th, and AustroSaurus ranks in at 13th.

Jan 21, 2004 Malakia enters Horned_Reaper_v3 and Healthy_Reaper_v2b. Horned_Reaper_v3 ranks in at 9th, while Healthy_Reaper_v2b ranks in at 18th.

Jan 8, 2004 Updated with results based on the change to the ImperialBattery.
Also, two new enteries:
Emilio enters ECI_IBTurret_v2 which was designed for the original IB settings, but still manages 13th after the change.
Nortfast enters carbonator, a non-IB rover so it wasn't effected directly, which ranks in at 50th.

Dec 12, 2003 bot builder enters Perfect_aim_t2_mk2 and Demolisher and OutCast upgrade to SpaceDemonMk3. SpaceDemonMk3 ranks in at 7th, while Perfect_aim_t2_mk2 ranks in at 11th.

Dec 5, 2003 Emilio enters ECI_IBTurret_TW and Maverick enters Hollowman_2XE (retiring Godzilla). Hollowman_2XE manages an almost perfect record of 159-1-0 giving it a solid 1st place. ECI_IBTurret_TW does nearly as well with a 156-4-0 record earning it 2nd.

Nov 21, 2003 Orbital Sniper ranks in at 13th.

Nov 17, 2003 Lots of activity in Total War! Emilio upgrades to ECI_HyperCircler_v3, DavidW upgrades to Armegeddon_II, Malakia enters an upgraded Horned_Reaper_v2, Maverick enters Bigzilla, and Demolisher and OutCast enter OrbitalSniper.
  • Bigzilla ends up in 1st place!
  • ECI_HyperCircler_v3 climbs a spot to 2nd.
  • Horned_Reaper_v2 moves into 3rd, just ahead of the previously top ranked DucktaleSH_HReaper (which falls to 4th).
  • Armegeddon_II doesn't fare so well, falling to 12th.
  • OrbitalSniper still needs to complete its battles, but will probably end up in 13th.

Nov 5, 2003 Tikatt enters Duracell and Malakia enters DucktaleSH_HReaper, DucktaleSH_HP, and DucktaleSH_AH. DucktaleSH_HReaper ranks in at 1st! So a big congratulations to Malakia on that! Tikatt's Duracell does excellent too, ranking in at 6th. And finally DucktaleSH_HP and DucktaleSH_AH do quite well, ranking in at 10th and 11th.

Oct 29, 2003 Maverick is back with Hollowman, a tweaked up version of Godzilla that manages to find 4 more wins and moves up 1 rank to 2nd! ...and is now just 1 point behind Armaqeddon.

Also, as of this posting, the rover list is up to date (available on the Players page). If you've entered a rover and haven't gotten any results, you can check the list to make sure I got it...

Oct 20, 2003 Maverick enters Godzilla, a stationary triple IB that deals out pain faster than you can say 1-2-3. Accoriding to Maverick, after the idea hit him, it took less than an hour to assemble and it ranks in at 3rd! ...not bad for an hours work.

Oct 10, 2003 Maverick enters glass dragon, which ranks in at 8th.

Oct 6, 2003 Corvos enters PrimeEvil_Mk2 which ranks in at 8th. Corvos retires Gus_Hasford_Special_Mk2. BattleSkins2.pak has been updated.

Jun 30, 2003 Spicychikn enters Bulldog which ranks in at 13th.

Jun 17, 2003 Liebig enters Ultima_Simplex_V2 which manages 17 more wins than the original and climbs to 3rd.

BattleSkins2 has been updated.

Jun 11, 2003 Mountain Boarder retires Heat_Myzer.

Jun 10, 2003 Mountain Boarder enters Heat_Myzer (and retires Hyper). Liebig enters Ultima_simplex. Ultima_simplex ranks in at an impressive 6th, while Heat_Myzer ranks in at 68th.

**As a side effect of Ultima_simplex being entered, Armaqeddon regains 1st place from ECI_HyperCircler_v2!

Jun 6, 2003 Mountain Boarder enters Hyper. Hyper ranks in at 64th (of 72).

Jun 4, 2003 Mountain Boarder enters two rovers, Seek_and_Destroy1 and Rapid_Fire, which rank in at 55th and 56th (out of 71).

May 1, 2003 Results are in for Little_Humiliation, ranking in at 45th. JSideBurner hasn't been run as it turned out to be overweight and needs a bit of a workout before competing...

Apr 29, 2003 JoshuaW enters Little_Humiliation and JSideBurner. Partial results are in, check out the score between Little_Humiliation and Blart!

Mar 24, 2003 Emilio upgrades to ECI_HyperCircler_v2 with improved projectile avoidance. Doesn't help much against the current crop and Emilio actually losses 1 win, but still maintains 1st.

Mar 12, 2003 Emilio enters ECI_HyperCircler, a fast medium wheeled rover that takes out even the UFO's with ease. With a nearly perfect record (133 out of 134 possible) ECI_HyperCircler is the clear leader and takes first from the long time leader Armaqeddon. Even more impressive is ECI_HyperCircler managed to take first in Arena Combat also! Emilio retires ECI_OpticalDeath, ECI_OrbitingDeath_v3, and ECI_LaserTurret_TW.

Feb 25, 2003 Roswell_Nightlife upgrades to Roswell_MurdahMKII which ranks in at 10th.

Jan 12, 2003 Roswell_Nightlife enters Roswell_Murdah which ranks in at 10th.

Nov 20, 2002 PMNOX enters PMNOX_UFO which ends up in 36th.

Aug 8, 2002 A new player, Cycloneboy, enters Cycloneboy_TW, which ranks in at 15th.

Jul 22, 2002 DavidW apparently thinks 128 wins just isn't enough and upgrades the devestating Armageddon to Armaqeddon. Armaqeddon pulls in 3 more wins leaving just one loss to Nightmare bj UFO (ranked 41st) ... of course, Armaqeddon is still #1.

Jun 24, 2002 Corvos enters Firebase_Delta (replacing Snark) which ranks in at 21st.

Jun 21, 2002 Emilio upgrades to ECI_OrbitingDeath_v3. The new version did manage to pick up 3 more wins, but that wasn't enough to climb up from 6th place. However, one of the wins was taken from Azurewrath and allowed another one of Emilio's rovers, ECI_OpticalDeath, to climb to 3rd!

Jun 19, 2002 Total War is done being re-run! The final results pretty much match the pre-heathpack change results, but both the top 2 spots (Armageddon and Active_TrackerIII) ended up with a few more losses (so they don't have quite as much lead as they did before) and Azurewrath in 3rd has 5 less points than it otherwise would have had (if you're doing your own comparisons, keep in mind there were a couple of rover changes during the run).

If you'd like to see the rankings prior to the HealthPack change, go to previous Total War results.

Jun 17, 2002 More results in and about 150 to go...

Armageddon has a strong lead and will end up in 1st.. Active_TrackerIII, Azurewrath, and ECI_OpticalDeath are all fairly close for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. And Emilio continues on with 5th and 6th too... I expect that final results will be posted sometime within the next day.

If you'd like to see the rankings prior to the HealthPack change, go to previous Total War results.

Jun 8, 2002 More results in. Emilio's ECI_LaserTurret_TW manages to edge out Azurewrath for 2nd (for now). Still about 1300 battles to go...

If you'd like to see the rankings prior to the HealthPack change, go to previous Total War results.

Jun 4, 2002 Emilio enters ECI_LaserTurret_TW (retiring ECI_SonOfCreepingThunder). Tainatsu enters Laser Kill.

I'm still in the process of rerunning battles, but Emilio's ECI_LaserTurret_TW did get picked as one of the ones to run (the order that rovers get run is random, or at least unknown to me) and takes it's place with Emilio's other two rovers (giving him 3rd, 4th, and 5th for now).

Azurewrath has also been picked to get results and has made it's way to 2nd. Armageddon continues to hold the lead. The old top 10 ranked rovers still waiting to be run are Active_TrackerIII (was 2nd), Ultimate_SnS (was 7th), and Annihilator_Slayer (was 10th).

If you'd like to see the rankings prior to the HealthPack change, go to previous Total War results.

May 28, 2002 The results of nearly 1000 battles have been added (still over 2000 to go though). DavidW's Armageddon has reclaimed the lead, followed fairly closely by Emilio's EC_OrbitingDeathII and ECI_OpticalDeath (with 39 points still up for grabs, there is quite a bit of wiggle room for changes). And of course some of the other pre-change leaders like Active_TrackerII and Azurewrath are still waiting for their chance to be run.

If you'd like to see the rankings prior to the HealthPack change, go to previous Total War results.

May 24, 2002 I've started regenerating the Total War results (that's 3297 battles to rerun) and have posted the first update (with 200-300 battles run so far). Currently Emilio is leading with both the 1st and 2nd rank rovers (although his third rover ECI_SonOfCreepingThunder is apparently very tweaked toward the big, health pack laden rovers as it hardly changed position despite the lack of competition (it moved from 9th to 8th, but it should have moved to 3rd based on the competition). Of course, it is still very early in the process, so who know what'll turn up...

If you'd like to see the rankings prior to the HealthPack change, go to previous Total War results.

Apr 21, 2002 Spaceman Spiff enters Ultimate_SnS which ranks in at 7th.

Apr 19, 2002 Emilio enters EC_OpticalDeath and Spaceman Spiff upgrades SlowNoGo_v4 to NotSoSimpleOrbiter. EC_OpticalDeath does an excellent job of beating on the UFOs by varying its laser power and ruining efforts to optimize health pack usage, earning it a well deserved 4th place. And NotSoSimpleOrbiter manages to climb a couple places over SlowNoGo_v4.

Apr 15, 2002 A new player, Roverman, enters SemiCircler_LZR, which does very well and starts off at 12th.

Apr 14, 2002 Corvos upgrades to Gus_Hasford_Special_Mk2 and moves up 4 places to 14th.

Mar 20, 2002 DavidW enters Armageddon which shows that some rovers are a bit more equal than others. Armageddon ranks in at 1st with a perfect record of 126-0-0!! I really didn't think that was still possible...

DavidW also retires Total_Annihilation and Total_Annihilation_II.

Mar 14, 2002 Corvos enters Gus_Hasford_Special and retires Silverfish_Mk10T and BES_Redux. Gus_Hasford_Special ranks in at 19th.

Mar 13, 2002 The king is back! Russell retires Active_Tracker and Active_TrackerII and enters Annihilator_Slayer and Annihilator_SlayerII. The slayers do their work and allow Active_TrackerIII to take the #1 spot, with Azurewrath maintaining 2nd, and Total_Annihilation_II falling back to 3rd.

Mar 11, 2002 Black Eagle enters Azurewrath. Sparks fly and Azurewrath shoots straight to 2nd! Black Eagle also retires Burning Eagle (Alpha Version).

Mar 7, 2002 DavidW upgrades to Total_Annihilation_II, which supposedly is easier on the CPU, but certainly performed better, coming in 1st with a 3 point lead!

Mar 1, 2002 Russell enters Active_TrackerIII, which claims 2nd, leaving Total_Annihilation in 1st. Russell also retires the original Total War UFO, let_there_be_death.

Feb 27, 2002 Black Eagle upgrades to HoverKnight_MK2 which ranks in at 8th.

Feb 25, 2002 DavidW enters Total_Annihilation_i and retires LaserStation_tw. Total_Annihilation_i ranks in at 4th, but the changes allow DavidW's other rover Total_Annihilation to climb to 1st and knock off the long standing king of Total War, Active Tracker. A big Congrats goes out to DavidW!

PS. A little warning, the Total_Annihilation series is painfully processor intensive. Not that that should stop anyone from looking, just be aware that older hardware may have framerates you can count on 1 hand...

Feb 21, 2002 Black Eagle upgrades to Nightmare bj UFO which ranks in at 30th.

Feb 19, 2002 DavidW enters Total Annihilation which ranks in at 3rd, Nice!

Feb 5, 2002 A new player, Popeye, enters CurveTail_R, which ranks in at 30th. CurveTail_R is a medium wheeled that fires a spread of rockets from close range and then hightails it out of there...

Jan 31, 2002 Russell enters Active TrackerII (and doesn't retire Active Tracker). Active TrackerII ends up in 2nd (behind Active Tracker, I guess even Russell can't beat the nasty beast :)

Jan 26, 2002 Brutalise_car ranks in at 56th.

Jan 25, 2002 Luke Worth enters two rovers, Brutalise_ww1 and Brutalise_car. Brutalise_ww1 ranks in at 52. Brutalise_car is still in progress...

Jan 20, 2002 Black Eagle enters HoverKnight_MK1 which ranks in at 16th.

Jan 18, 2002 The_Simpleton_v3 ranks in at 42nd.

Jan 17, 2002 A new player, Luke Worth, enters Brutalise and ranks in at 50th.

Mythren upgrades to The_Simpleton_v3 (too early to even guess where it will rank...)

Jan 11, 2002 Silverfish_Mk10T ranks in at 23rd.

Jan 10, 2002 Additional results in for Silverfish_Mk10T. It still isn't done running, but it currently is on target for the low 20's.

Jan 9, 2002 A new contestant, Alexander Williams, enters SpinSeeker, which ranks in at 50th.

Corvos upgrades to Silverfish_Mk10T, with results still pending.

Jan 5, 2002 DavidW enters LaserStation_tw and takes 4th, missing 3rd by smallest of margins...

Dec 31, 2001 A new player, Mythren, enters The_Simpleton_v2, which ranks in at 43rd.

Dec 19, 2001 Two entries, ParaBellumTot (Hellnick) and Nightmare_BJ_MK2 (Black Eagle).

ParaBellumTot was actually entered a while ago, it just got lost on my list of rovers to run, but was picked up automatically when I ran Nightmare (score one for automation :) Hellnick's rover does nicely, ranking in at 7th (of 56!).

Nightmare is both a SNS and an Anti-SNS rover. Packing a whopping 4 RocketLaunchers, it takes out those nasty UFO's in 1 blast! It met its goal of taking out the #1 rover (Active Tracker), but as expected, it places below average at 36th.

Dec 4, 2001 Emilio upgrades to EC_OrbitingDeathII and moves from 6th to 2nd. Nice Job! And a big congrats to Russell, his 1st place Active Tracker is still undefeated!

Nov 14, 2001 Emilio's EC_OrbitingDeath ranks in at 6th, just behind ECI_SonOfCreepingThunder.

Nov 13, 2001 Emilio enters EC_OrbitingDeath (results pending). EC_OrbitingDeath requires the HealthManager (recently added to the BattlePak).

Nov 11, 2001 D&O upgrade to SpaceDemonMk2, which adds a couple more wins, but not enough to move from second to first...

Oct 30, 2001 Russell enters Active Tracker, another UFO, with some more tweaks to improve performace. Active Tracker sweeps the field, though apparently SpaceDemon suffers from health withdrawal and will likely perform better if D&O fix the health pack threshold. Congrats Russell!

Oct 17, 2001 Results are in with Burning Eagle ranking in at 41st.

Oct 16, 2001 Let_there_be_death did manage to make 2nd again (although Titantus is now a very close 3rd). Burning Eagle is about 2/3 run and looks like it will finish around 39th.

Oct 15, 2001 Partial results are in for re-running SpaceDemon and Let_there_be_death. SpaceDemon has already regained 1st, but it no longer has a perfect record (losses to SonOfCreepingThunder, Let_there_be_death, and Bloodhound). Let_there_be_death is mostly run and looks like it will also regain 2nd, but again, with many more close battles and some additional losses.

Also got a new rover in, Burning Eagle (Alpha Version) from Black Eagle (no results yet, it got queued up behind the UFO's).

Sep 24, 2001 SpaceDemon finishes its climb to the top with a very clean looking 100-0-0 record!

Sep 23, 2001 Demolisher and Outcast convert SkyDemon to SpaceDemon and looks like it will rank in at 1st and undeafeated!

Sep 19, 2001 Russell enters the first UFO based rover in Total War and gets a very impressive 96-2-2 record, easily taking first...

Sep 17, 2001 SlowNStupid ranks in at 35th and RadRover ranks in at 43rd.

Sep 15, 2001 Storm's first rover, Circler, ranks in at 33rd.

Sep 14, 2001 Storm enters a batch of rovers, results are coming soon...

Sep 8, 2001 It seems that the CreepingThunder is reproducing and has begun to infest the library! Emilio enters ECI_SonOfCreepingThunder and grabs 3rd right off the bat. Titantus better watch out!

Aug 28, 2001 RingofFireWWIMk_7 ranks in at 26th.

Aug 26, 2001 WW1tankMk 1 ranks in at 19th. RingofFireWWIMk_7 has just a few matches in, so no estimate yet...

Aug 26, 2001 WW1tankMk 1 is mostly done and it looks like it will rank in around 17th.

Aug 22, 2001 Two new rovers from BCP. Currently queued up behind Tactical War...

Aug 2, 2001 Since I have a bit more time today, I wanted to congratulate Rollin on earning 2nd in Total War. A very nice job.

Aug 1, 2001 Total War is updated...

Jul 30, 2001 Two more entries in Total War from Rollin! The first (GGP_TW) is currently at 7th and with 20 battles left to run has a good shot at 2nd and maybe even 1st! ...of course, then we'll get to see how Bloodhound does.

HyperBlade's rovers are done running with LeadFeeder ending up in the mid 30's.

Jul 27, 2001 SunBeam ranks in at 31st in Total War.

Jul 26, 2001 HyperBlade's first rover ends up at 35th, but is already pushed down to 36 by the next rover, which looks like it will climb up to ~30th.

Jul 25, 2001 HyperBlade joins the contests with three entries into Total War (pushing the total number of rovers in Total War to 42). At this point I'm about half done with just one of the entries and it is looking like a ~35th place result...

Jul 2, 2001 SlowNoGo_v4 is ranked in at 18th.

Also, in other news RoboForge has released a patch (v1.2) which really speeds up the battle generation (some battles generate in near real-time). They also created their own forums so no more annoying banner ads...

And I spent part of the weekend trying to put together a nice solid 4-wheel base for a future RCX based contest. Overall, I really like my drive mechanisim (geared down so the little bugger doesn't slam into walls anymore). My steering is less satifactory, and I can't get the MindRover based code to register my 'straight ahead' switch activation (I don't think I'm pushing the switch long enough, or perhaps it is bouncing a bit). Anyway, I'll probably have to start over with a different setup/gearing/switch combination.

Jun 29, 2001 Another update in Total War from Spaceman Spiff with SlowNoGo_v4. Partial results are posted.

Jun 21, 2001 Total War is up to date with SlowNoGo finishing 16th.

Jun 19, 2001 Spaceman Spiff entered another rover into Total War. It's about half done and looks like it's headed for the low to mid teens.

Jun 15, 2001 Total War is up to date.

Jun 14, 2001 New rover/new player in Total War. DummestBot is 2/3 done and will probably end up at rank 31.

Mar 28, 2001 Results are in for OrbitalMiner_MK2 in Total War.

Mar 27, 2001 Added OrbitalMiner_MK2 to Total War (partial results are in). Retired Thanatos MK2.

Mar 22, 2001 Total War has been updated with SkyDemon ranking in at second.

Mar 19, 2001 Updated Total War (new rover+partial results).

Mar 14, 2001 Nellie entered Titantus and sets a new high watermark by defeating all the current entries but one (you'll never guess who)...

Mar 13, 2001 Total War has a new rover called Titantus.

Mar 12, 2001 Updated Total War.

Mar 4, 2001 Final results in TotalWar for Starship.

Feb 28, 2001 The Battle Spot Dinky Duos contest is now officially open. We've already got three entries (actually four, but I haven't got the fourth online yet) and so far I've come out on top :) There are also pictures of the rovers on each team's detail page.

Feb 23, 2001 updated.

Feb 20, 2001 updated (including an updated entry from Demolisher and Outcast).

Feb 16, 2001 updated.

Feb 14, 2001 Orbm1 has results for almost all of its battles, so Dodge Sniper WW1 should start seeing some results soon.

Feb 12, 2001 Small update to Total War (still running Orbm1). I plan to run some Tactical War and the Arena Race tonight...

Feb 11, 2001 updated.

Feb 10, 2001 updated.

Feb 5, 2001 Results in for 4 rovers in Total War (and 2 new rovers added to the waiting list...)

Feb 2, 2001 First, if you haven't got the new Hydroponics Lab scenarios from Cognitoy, go get them, I'll wait...
(check the downloads section)

In Total War, Corvos gets 7th with Snark and there are a couple more new entries available for you to check out.

Jan 31, 2001 Found a bit of time and added the results for a couple rovers to Total War. I also added all the other contestants to the new list, so you can check out the incoming competition...

Jan 26, 2001 Two new rovers in Total War from two new players. A very nice job by Shade grabs 1st place!

Jan 11, 2001 New results in Total War and an update to Wombat Killer in Tactical War (no results yet though).

Jan 4, 2001 New results in Total War.

Dec 26, 2000 In Total War, we have results for Jugernaut_TW and CoreBlue. CoreBlue places nicely, entering at third. However, Jugernaut_TW is the rover of the day, taking first place in Total War with a commanding 5 point lead. Nice!

Dec 21, 2000 Added results for MerryGoRound in Total War with big changes in the top rankings.

Dec 17, 2000 A new leader in Total War, Thanatos!

Dec 6, 2000 BigT shows what a little specialT can do in Total War.

Nov 30, 2000 Over in Total War, Manticore also makes a nice showing with CoreMaster taking a very close third place. And my congratulations go out to Demolisher and OutCast as they jump up to first!

Jul 1, 2000 My congratulations go out to The_Scum who entered Dummerbot (whom you already know from NEW), and as I would expect, it easily took first place in TotalWar. I still think Dummerbot is beatable though, so let's see some contenders. Also, Dummerbot is excluded from ClassicWar, so the field is wide open there!

Jun 29, 2000 The first results are in already! Corvos sent in a rover (Gun Wallah) for use in both Wars and my son Joshua (who got a bit more advanced notice of the contest) also had a rover (JoshuaTheSpinny) for the Total War arena. JoshuaTheSpinny is a basic SNS, but Gun Wallah's rocket avoidance paid off big time and Corvos kicks off the competition with two solid victories! enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com