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To enter a rover in Sumo Hover, send your rover, along with your name and your rover's name, to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com

Use the Sumo Hover scenario with the built in limits and a 5 minute time limit.

Each rover will compete against all other contestants twice. Once as Team 1 and once as Team 2. The first rover to push or trick its opponent into leaving the sumo mat will be declared the winner (score is the number of seconds it took). If both rovers remain on the mat for 5 minutes, the match is scored as a tie.

Rankings are determined first by greatest number of wins, then by the least losses. If rovers are still equally ranked, the rover are compared using only battles with higer ranked rovers, and if still equal they are compared with each other. If still equal, the older rover will be given the higher rank.

Note: The built in limits allow any of the hover chassis (small, medium, large, UFO, and puck). All non-weapon components are allowed including the brake. Keep in mind that the objective is NOT to remain on the mat, the objective is to PUSH your opponent off and a large number of brakes aren't going to help you. The ranking system is intentionally designed to generally treat a tie the same as a loss.

Each contestant may have up to three rovers competing at one time.

May.26.01 - Russell sends in an update (LonsomeDogII) that removes any braking exploits and still keeps the lead.

May.14.01 - Russell makes another attempt with LonsomeDog and this time manages to take first place away from Rollin.

Apr.23.01 - Russell enters an improved TurboDog (as TurboDogII) to beat Sumo Shove, but Rollin is already on step ahead with Sumo Charge! Between the two of them, they push StickyBit clear out of the top three...

Apr.20.01 - Wow! It finally happened. Rollin enters Sumo Shove which pushes its way to first. A nice record too, with 7 wins and 0 losses.

Apr.17.01 - Russell retires the old dogs and enters TurboDog. TurboDog does a very nice job of pusing StickyBit off the mat.

Apr.13.01 - Two more rovers (Blind Charge and CenterGuard), both did fairly well by getting 6 wins each (along with SteamDog). Blind Charge gets 2nd due to having a 1-1-0 record vs Sticky Bit v2 (compared to the 0-0-2 record of SteamDog) and CenterDog ends up in 4th because it lost more than then other two.

Apr.10.01 - A new rover (SteamDog) and a rescanning of the results files. There was a bug in my software that was causing matches that were won after the first minute to be scored as a tie. As it happens, it didn't change the ranking at all, but there are more matches with results (which is nice to see).

Apr.07.01 - BlackFox tests the limits and enters Zero, almost all brakes, with just a single thruster to inch it's way back to the center. Happily it does a nice job of proving my point by giving StickyBit and LuckyDog some more wins (LuckyDog should have gotten two wins, but one match recorded them both exiting the mat on the same tick). Suprisingly, Zero also got a win when RamJet decided leave the mat all on it's own.

Apr.05.01 - BigT enters RamJet, which didn't get any wins, but it lost in such a way that StickyBit has now moved into first.

Apr.03.01 - The sumo hover contest is now open with four contestants entered right off the bat! The initial entries all suffer from too much defensiveness, so many matches ended up timing out. I'm sure the second round of entries will be much more aggressive. enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com