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To enter a rover in River Race, send your rover, along with your name and your rover's name, to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com

Uses the River Race scenario (available as part of the BattlePak).

Each rover will compete against all other contestants twice. Once as Team 1 and once as Team 2. The first rover to complete three laps will be declared the winner. If neither rover completes three laps within 10 minutes, the rover that has made the most progress will be declared teh winner. If both rovers have equa progress, the contest will be scored as a tie.

Rankings are determined first by greatest number of wins, then by the least losses. If rovers are still equally ranked, the rover with the best record vs rovers with a better rank will gain the advantage. If neither rover has a better record, the record vs the ranked rovers will be compared. If there is still no difference, one rover will arbitrarily picked.

Each contestant may have up to three rovers competing at one time. enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com