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To enter a rover in Maze, send your rover, along with your name and your rover's name, to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com

This contest uses the standard maze scenario available in v1.07.

Each rover will have to navigate its way to the exit using ten different mazes. For each maze, all the rovers will be ranked and each rover will get a point for every roverwith a lower ranking. A rover's overall score will be the sum of the points for all 10 mazes. If a rover doesn't complete the maze in less than 300 seconds, the trial will be scored as 999.

Example: Three rovers compete and in the first maze they get times of 30.0, 40.5, and 40.6. So the first rover recieves 2 points, the second gets 1 point and the last gets 0 points.
In the second maze the times are 999, 999, 60.1. So the first and second rovers get 0 points and the third rover gets 2 points. Also, at this point the rovers have total scores 2, 1, and 2. However,there are still more mazes to run...

The current seed values are 7137, 7237, 7337, 7437, 7537, 7637, 7737, 7837, 7937, and 7037 but I may pick a new set of numbers at any time,so don't create a rover that depends on these numbers. I would recommend doing some final tests using these seed values to verify you don't have a major problem, but I wouldn't recommend doing any tweaking using them as it will likely cause a significant upset in your rankings when I choose a new set of seed values. The main reason I'm giving you the numbers are so you can replay the results on your own PC.

Each contestant may have up to three rovers competing at one time.

old news

Jun.06.01 - Results in for Dante's MazeICE3.

Apr.20.01 - Results in for Rollin's Lab Rat.

Apr.05.01 - Results in for Maze Monger.

Sep.24.00 - New entry from DanTheWheelman. Not quite as fast as Rocket Mouse, but it still turns in some very nice times. :) enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com