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Apr 24, 2004 Burnin Pancake upgrades to BP_MazorEye_v2 and moves into 1st!

Apr 2, 2003 Malakia enters Finito_Subito_v2 which ranks in at 7th.

Mar 4, 2003 Burnin Pancake enters BP_MazorEye which ranks in at 2nd, and would easily be in 1st, except for getting stuck in Maze 5. Excellent Job!

Feb 1, 2003 Burnin Pancake enters MazorEyeICE. Like MazeMonkey, MazorEyeICE uses a combination of MazorBlade's left-right search and MazeMonkey's dead end elimination. The combination should make it the top, but it still needs a bit of tweaking and unfortunately it also has a bug that crops up in Maze 1, so it doesn't ever finish that maze, giving it an overall score of 141 which ties for 2nd with Frantic (which is still great performance!)

Jan 19, 2003 Burnin Pancake enters MazorBlade, a small tread that ranks in at 12th.

Jan 12, 2003 StoneToad enters ST_Pidgeon. ST_Pidgeon uses a combination of left/right wall following based on the angle to waypoint A. This usually results in very fast times without needing nearly the logic of MazeMonkey. I also like the use of the DebugTrail to trace out it's path (and by alternating left/right, it can have some really strange paths). Due to a bug in win conditions (it leaves the maze, but doesn't score a win, see maze 9), ST_Pidgeon ranks in at 4th, but I think it will end up in 2nd once the bug is fixed. Very nice job StoneToad!

Sep 24, 2002 Ryoken enters MazeTread_MkII whichs enters at 12th.

Jun 25, 2002 CodeMonkey enters MazeMonkey, the first forward planning maze rover entered. Unlike most maze rovers that simply follow the wall, MazeMonkey builds an internal map of the maze as it explores and attempts to follow an optimal path to the exit. The difference that makes is incredible with MazeMonkey beating even Wall_Scanner's time of 2.9 on Maze 10 by running it in 2.6 seconds, and most importantly MazeMonkey did it intentionally! Well done CodeMonkey!!

Jun 17, 2002 Cardshark enters Wall_Scanner which ranks in at 4th. It would have had 3rd, but a bug in the MindRover collision detection occasionally allows rovers to crash through the walls. In Wall_Scanner's case, on Maze 9 it crashed through the outside and ended up spinning in circles. To balance things out though, a lucky missed turn (probably a design flaw though) allowed Wall_Scanner to miss a large section of dead end on Maze 10 and it finished in an amazing 2.9 seconds!!

Mar 25, 2002 DavidW enters Seven, which uses 7 components, 7 wires, and averages just over 7 seconds... Though not quite as fast as Frantic overall, Seven is still good enough to earn the top time in a couple of runs and ranks in with a solid 2nd.

Dec 23, 2001 Russell enters Frantic which kept finishing the maze before I even noticed it started! It's longest time was 13 seconds and it finsihed two mazes in a mere 5.3 seconds. WOW!

Aug 27, 2001 I finished converting my old scripts, so the Maze stats are now viewable on the new site!

Jun 6, 2001 Results are in for Dante's MazeICE3 maze rover. Very consistant performance gives it a solid second place, just beating out Rollin's Lab Rat by 3 points.

Jun 5, 2001 A new maze rover has arrived, check back tomorrow for stats and a link.

Apr 20, 2001 Rollin enters Lab Rat which takes second in the Maze. enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com