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To enter a rover in Hover Race, send your rover, along with your name and your rover's name, to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com

Uses the Arena Race scenario, but with the restriction that only Hover chassis are allowed. Weapons are allowed, so feel free to blow away the competition...

Each rover will compete against all other contestants twice. Once as Team 1 and once as Team 2. The first rover to complete three laps will be declared the winner. If neither rover completes three laps within 600 seconds, the match will be declared a draw.

Rankings are determined first by greatest number of wins, then by the least losses. If rovers are still equally ranked, the rover with the best win time will get the better rank. If there still is no difference, I will give the advantage to the more entertaining rover.

Each contestant may have up to three rovers competing at one time.

old news

Jul.20.01 - Rolling enters two rovers (a weapon and weaponless version). Both do excellent, taking first and second. The weaponless version (Outrigger III) sets a new speed record of a 75 second race, while the weapon enabled (Outrigger GS) hover shows what slowing down the competition can do...

May.03.01 - 4 new entries came in this week! Rollin's upgrade to Outrigger manages to keep the lead, but Russell's ShowDog and Grey Hound cetrainly make nice showings and even newcomer Dante's ArenaICE beats all the old folk.

I've also had some requests to change the rules to make this a race only (no weapons). What I think I'll do is leave it as-is for now, but should a weapon equipped rover manage to take the lead, I'll spin off a hover-race-only contest.

Apr.03.01 - Rollin enters Outrigger and sweeps the board. Outrigger uses all thrusters for forward movement and makes use of outboard brakes to slingshot it around the corners. Shaves a full 5 seconds off of ArenaRacer1's best time.

Jan.23.01 - Results are in for BrownFloater, which allowed OmniThrust to advance to 2nd.

Sep.19.00 - Scott has upped the ante again with ArenaRacer1. Watching this rover traverse the track, you'd swear there must be someone controlling it. It breaks and turns and glides around the corners with no indication that it's bouncing between waypoints. Very nice!

However, as nice as ArenaRacer1 is, I'm guessing a few well placed rockets would convince it to let a slightly slower rover win :)

Sep.18.00 - We have a competition again!! I finally got around to implementing my motion sensor design and it can just about keep up with Scott's design. Scott has a better line around the track and gets first because of his slightly better best time (1:36 vs 1:39). Also, if you interested, I've included full source and even some web documention (a link to it is listed on the OmniThruster's detail page). enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com