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Mar 20, 2005 Liebig upgrades to HereWeGoAgain_V2, which fixes a bug in the anti-mine logic, and moves it into a uncontested 1st place!

Mar 13, 2005 Liebig enters HereWeGoAgain, which ranks in at 3rd. Interestingly, Liebig could advance HereWeGoAgain in to a 3 way tie for 1st by retiring Warlock III.

Sep 19, 2003 Maverick enters dragon dung and Deadeye_v3, again apparent duplicates, to tie for 1st. Maverick retires dragonsbreath v1, dragonsbreath v2, and Deadeye_v2.

Sep 5, 2003 Liebig's Warlock III ends up in 1st, dragonsbreath v1 and v2 tie for 2nd. Deadeye v2 ends up in 5th.

Sep 3, 2003 Maverick upgrades to Deadeye v2, dragonsbreath v1, and enters dragonsbreath v2. Liebig upgrades to Warlock III. Only partial results are in, but it looks like Warlock III will end up in 1st unless dragonsbreath v1 can out perform dragonsbreath v2.

BattleSkins2 has been updated

Aug 27, 2003 Liebig enters Warlock (and retires LHR_Surveillor) which ranks in at 2nd. Warlock managed to go 1-1 against dragonsbreath and it's only other losses are to Liebig 3rd place rover, LHR_Surveillor_N, which if retired, would put Warlock even with dragonsbreath in score. Warlock would then win the tie breaker as dragonsbreath's best time is 189, while Warlock has a couple of 180s. A great job by both Liebig and Maverick!

Aug 13, 2003 Maverick enters dragonsbreath which ranks in at 1st!

Jul 26, 2003 Liebig enters LHR_Surveillor_N which edges into 1st!

May 27, 2003 Liebig enters LHR_Surveillor, a dual machine gun hover with a quick, brake assisted, turn that keeps the competition at bay. With a 29-3 record, LHR_Surveillor manages a well deserved 2nd.

Apr 24, 2003 Maverick upgrades to Deadeye (from Rottin scoundrel) and moves to 1st.

Apr 11, 2003 Maverick enters Rottin scoundrel, a HoverL with lots of firepower. The rover does quite well with a 25-5 record and ranks in at 4th.

Feb 12, 2003 callmeminyme enters Slapshot, a non-pre-programmed puck that manages a 84 second race. Slapshot ranks in at 9th.

Nov 25, 2001 Russell and DavidW enter SmoothDog69 which has a new record with a 69 second lap. It ranks in at fourth (behind the gunships and Outrigger mkIV which is less prone to being bumped off course).

Nov 18, 2001 DavidW upgrades to Scorpion and Wave Runner II. Scorpion ranks in at 1st, while Wave Runner II moves up to a respectable 4th.

Nov 11, 2001 Rollin upgrades to Outrigger GS mkII and Outrigger MkIV. The GS model picks up the last two wins, bringing it back to undefeated status. The mkIV also improves its record, adding 4 more wins and moving up one position to second.

Oct 23, 2001 A couple of entries from DavidW, with Riding Mower doing very well by tieing Outrigger GS for 1st (Outrigger GS is slightly faster though). DavidW's other entry, Wave Runner, is very pleasing to watch and sets a new speed record (73 seconds!), but it is very prone to missing a checkpoint when bumped and ends up in the middle of the pack (7th).

Sep 4, 2001 Russell retires Grey Hound and ShowDog(79) and enters ShowDog(76). ShowDog(76) isn't able to push past Rollin's Outriggers, but it does give Russell a very solid 3rd (avg race time = 76 seconds).

Sep 2, 2001 New contestant Foreman has a commendable first showing with a 5th place finish in Hover Race (avg race time = 84 seconds).

Jul 20, 2001 Rollin takes the races with two entries that get first and second in the Arena Hover Race. Outrigger III sets a new speed record of just 75 seconds (beating the previous best of 79 by 4 seconds). However, the new winner is Outrigger GS, which gives up just a bit speed to add some weaponry. The weapons do the trick and GS goes 20-0.

Also, a while ago someone asked to have the Hover Race limited to non-weapons. My reply was that I'd wait until weapons actually showed some dominance in the race. Currently I'm still going to wait, but assuming I get a couple faster racers and a couple more gunships (I might even make one myself), I'll split the contest in to weapons and weaponsless versions.

May 3, 2001 Major update to Arena Hover Race! 4 new rovers were entered and have managed to occupy the first 4 spots. Wow!

Apr 3, 2001 We have a new leader in Arena Hover Race (sports). Rollin entered Outrigger which actually outruns Scott's ArenaRacer1. Very nice!

Jan 23, 2001 Also, results are in for BrownFloater Arena Hover Race. enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com