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To enter a rover in Dinky Duos, send your rover, along with your name and your rover's name, to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com

Uses the Dinky Duos add-on scenario released by Cognitoy (get it from the downloads page at

You may enter up to three teams of two rovers. The same rover may be on multiple teams, as long as each team has a unique combination of your rovers.

Rovers may use any of the three small chassis, or any of the three mice chassis, or the puck chassis. All 1.07 components are legal (except for the keysensor), plus the Cognitoy MRAddons components, plus the BattlePak components.

The contest is run in round robin format where each team plays all other teams twice. One time as team 1 and a second time as team 2. The seed used for all battles is 7337. Matches are played based on the scenario rules (win by 3), but if a winner is not determined within 30 game minutes, the match will be ended and the team with the higher score at that point will be given the win. If neither team has a higer score, the match will be considered a draw.

The teams are ranked based first on the total number of matches won. Then on the number of matches tied. Then on the number of matches won vs higher ranked teams. Then on the number of matches tied vs higher ranked teams. Then on the number of matches won vs each other. If the teams are still equal, one team will arbitrarily be given a higher rank.

old news

Mar.09.01 - Added the typhoon team from UBeR.

Mar.08.01 - Another new team from BigT.

Mar.07.01 - A new team from BigT (and retired Dinky and The Brain) and Demolisher enters the frey and grabs the #1 spot!

Mar.05.01 - Three more teams. DBD and SBD from Corvos, COD and Lobster from Adam, and Rattlesnake1 and 2 from Keith.

Corvos' team are a sit-n-spin pair that are admittedly not the peak of craftmanship, but they are effective and hopefully they will spur some more effective smart designs.

Mar.04.01 - A couple more entries from BaBoon and Rollin. SurlyBen still holds the lead, but BaBoon took out nearly everyone else.

Mar.02.01 - SurlyBen sent in his original team (the one he sent to Cognitoy) as he thought it worked better. Lo'n'behold, it does!

eeasterb also sent in a team that does figure eights around the planters.

Mar.01.01 - Two more teams: Sieglinde_Upgunned and Siegmund_Upgunned (by SurlyBen), and Tread_Heavily and Tread_Softly (by Snarf).

Both new teams fit into what I would term the SNS category (although SurlyBen's rovers don't actually spin, but rather squat :). But unlike most SNS rovers, I rather like SurlyBen's strategy. However, the Upgunned rovers are very vulnerable when switching homes and that's when they tend to get killed off. If they would just learn to drive in reverse, I think the opposite would be true!

Snarf's entries are the first to really challenge the other teams with rockets and add quite a bit of spice to the mix. But they did cause me to wander off while the competitions were running as Snarf's rovers vs. SurlyBen's tend to drag on quite a bit.

Feb.28.01 - Official opening. Inital teams are PointBlank and SniperShot (by Sord), Dinkky and The_Brain (by BigT), and last, but not least, Wallace and Grommit (by Corvos). enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com