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Jan 14, 2004 Updated for the ImperialBattery change. Overall not much effect on the ratings. Shuster and Wayne did managed a 2 place climb to 3rd, but the whole 3rd-6th group is tightly contested right now, so no telling if it will last.

Corvos enters CountyJoe and TheFish which rank in at 11th.

Dec 2, 2003 Maverick enters asteroid1 and asteroid2, Malakia enters Ogre and Ogress and also Maddish and Fury. The asteroids rank in at 1st. The Ogres rank in at 3rd, and Maddish and Fury rank in at 4th.

Oct 14, 2003 Maverick enters moon_rock1 and moon_rock2 which rank in at 4th.

Oct 2, 2003 Corvos enters Calvin and Hobbes, a pair of IB equipped rovers, which join a very tight race for the top and rank in at 4th. Corvos also retires BillyBob_Mk2 and Bubba.

Sep 19, 2003 Liebig enters Chains and Leather, which despite Liebig's prediction "...I don't expect them to be very competitive..." manage to rank in at 2nd.

Sep 12, 2003 JAW enters MartyV1 and BiffV1 which rank in at 9th.

Mar 28, 2003 Emilio enters ECI_Emilin and ECI_JoseAntonio. Based on his HyperCircler strategy, the pair does just as well here, earning 1st with a 3 point lead over 2nd. Very nice! BattleSkins2 has been updated.

Mar 19, 2003 Corvos updates one team to Sven_Mk4 and Ollie_Mk4 and updates another to BillyBob_Mk2 and Bubba. Sven_Mk4 and Ollie_Mk4 remain at 2nd, while BillyBob_Mk2 and Bubba move up to 5th.

Jan 15, 2003 Corvos enters the team of BillyBob and Bubba which make their way to 8th. I've started a new BattleSkins archive (BattleSkins2.pak), which includes the skins for BillyBob and Bubba.

Dec 9, 2002 Shadow Master enters TK421 adn TK422, a pair of immobile treads with high powered lasers that rank in at 21st.

Nov 15, 2002 BigT upgrades to Sentinel_2b and knocks Sven'n'Ollie out of 2nd.

Nov 7, 2002 Corvos upgrades to Sven_Mk2 and Ollie_Mk2 and regains 2nd! (also BattleSkins updated)

Nov 6, 2002 SteveT enters SteveT_DD_XIXa and SteveT_DD_XIXb which rank in at 5th.

Nov 4, 2002 BigT enters Sentinel_1 and Sentinel_2, a pair of puck rovers. The sentinels make an impressive showing by ranking in at 2nd! (also BattleSkins updated)

Oct 31, 2002 BigT enters Lock and Load which rank in at 6th.

Jul 29, 2002 Corvos enters Sven and Ollie and retires Blue Light Mini 1 and Blue Light Mini 2. Sven and Ollie go 33-3-0 and earn 2nd place.

Jun 4, 2002 Shadow Master enters Sx2_Black_Dwarf and Sx3_Dark_Base which rank in at 18th.

May 3, 2002 Roswell_Nightlife enters John_Zippy and John_Spot, which rank in at 12th, just behind his other pair.

Apr 29, 2002 Roswell_Nightlife enters John_Fire and John_Brimstone, which rank in at 11th.

Apr 27, 2002 Corvos enters Blue_Light_Mini_1 and Blue_Light_Mini_2 which rank in at 5th. Corvos also retires Peabody and Sherman and Weasel and Ferret.

Mar 5, 2002 Corvos enters two teams Peabody and Sherman, and Weasel and Ferret. Peabody and Sherman manage 10th, while the Weasel and Ferret end up at 17th. Corvos also retires two old teams, DBD and SBD, and Wallace and Grommit.

Jan 20, 2002 Russell enters RT_Shuster and RT_Wayne which are a hit with a 32-0-0 record and a solid 1st place.

Jan 13, 2002 SteveT upgrades to SteveT_DD_XIVa & SteveT_DD_XIVb and moves up to 1st.

Oct 18, 2001 Russell enters a pair of perimeter rovers. But instead of clinging to the walls, they 'bounce' off them, which allows them to repeatedly sweep the playingfield.

Oct 12, 2001 SteveT enters a matched set of rovers and shoots straight to 1st.

Mar 8, 2001 Another team from BigT in Dinky Duos get's BigT 4th place (and poor SurlyBen has gotten pushed way down to 6th now).

Mar 7, 2001 Updated Dinky Duos with results from two new entries (from BigT and D&O).

Mar 5, 2001 Dinky Duos updated with 3 more teams.

Mar 4, 2001 Some more entries in DinkyDuos.

Mar 2, 2001 A couple more teams for Dinky Duos. SurlyBen sent in the version of his team he had sent to Cognitoy as his newer 'upgraded' version lacked a little up'ness :)
eeasterb also sent in a team that does figure eights around the planters. Neat!

Mar 1, 2001 Dinky Duos has two more teams, including results and pictures. enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com