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Dec 11, 2003 Liebig enters DangerCat_NG2 which ranks in at 1st!

Nov 3, 2003 Liebig upgrads to DangerCat_NG and Tikatt enters ArenaRoadHazard. DangerCat_NG picks up 1 win, but remains in 3rd. ArenaRoadHazard ranks in at 4th.
-- BattleSkins2 has been updated.

Oct 24, 2003 Corvos retires Bugzapper and enters BBZ which moves up to 13th.
-- BattleSkins2 has been updated.

Oct 9, 2003 Maverick retires zzap, allowing his two other rovers, roadrage v3 and tonatiuh to move into a tie for 1st.

Sep 24, 2003 Liebig upgrades to DangerCat_AMnM and DangerMouse_arena_Mk2. DangerCat_AMnM equals totatiuh and roadrage_v3 for wins, but has a faster best win giving it 1st. DangerMouse_arena_Mk2 matches Shortcut_mg, but also edges into 5th with a 37 second best win against NOX Rat mkII.

Sep 16, 2003 Maverick enters tonatiuh and upgrades to roadrage_v3 (retiring roadrage_mk1 and roadrage_mk2). The two rovers tie for 1st (congrats!) and appear to have identical records, so I guess if you can beat one, you'll beat em both!

Sep 5, 2003 Maverick upgrades to roadrage mk1, roadrage mk2, and zzap. zzap does best ending up in 2nd, while roadrage mk1 and mk2 tie for 5th.

Aug 18, 2003 Maverick upgrades to roadrage1 (from ROAD RAGE) and picks up 1 win, but roadrage1 remains in 3rd place overall.

Aug 13, 2003 Maverick enters roadrage2 which ranks in at 1st!

Aug 9, 2003 Maverick enters ROAD RAGE which ranks in at 2nd!
BattleSkins2 updated.

Jul 20, 2003 Liebig upgrades to DangerCat and with a 27-1 record earns an impressive 1st!
BattleSkins2 has been updated

Jul 19, 2003 Maverick upgrades to Zapp and moves to 1st!

Jul 12, 2003 Maverick enters Zap and ranks in at 2nd!

Jul 7, 2003 Liebig enters DangerMouse_arena which ranks in at 4th.

Apr 21, 2002 metavAC upgrades to Berks_County_Special_MK2 which moves up one place to 8th.

Apr 15, 2002 metavAC enters Berks_County_Special which ranks in at 9th.

Mar 5, 2002 Corvos enters Bugzapper, which starts off at 10th. Bugzapper did manage to put some heat on uratu and puts Shortcut_mg that much closer to 1st...

Jan 15, 2002 DavidW upgrads to Shortcut_mg and enters uratu too. uratu manages 1st with just 2 losses (both to Shortcut_mg). Shortcut_mg takes 2nd with 3 losses (and NOX Rat mkII is in 3rd with just 4 losses).

Jan 13, 2002 Rollin enters NOX Rat mkII which manages to speed its way to victory and 1st place.

Jan 6, 2002 DavidW enters Shortcut which manages to stay out of harms way and takes 1st.

Jan 5, 2002 Russell pulls off another 1st place with SneakyCombat. Although it is a very close as he edges out Emilio only by virtue of a better 'best win' time.

Nov 24, 2001 Emilio enters ECI_CombatRacer and clears the track to get a perfect 12-0-0 record. Fast and deadly!!

Mar 22, 2001 A full update of the Arena Battle Race, including a new 1st place rover.

Jan 10, 2001 A new entry in Arena Battle Race (in the SPORT area). enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com